Google Camera for Realme GT Neo 3T (Best Camera)

Google Camrea for Realme GT Neo 3T

Realme GT Neo 3T is a powerful new smartphone from the popular Realme brand. It has an impressive set of features that make it stand out in the market, including a 6.43-inch Super AMOLED display with 120 Hz refresh rate and 180 Hz touch sampling rate, 8GB RAM and 256GB storage capacity, 64MP triple rear cameras with OIS support for better photography experience and 5G connectivity for faster internet speeds. The phone also runs on MediaTek’s Density 1200 processor which ensures smooth performance even when running multiple apps simultaneously or playing graphic-intensive games like PUBG Mobile or Call of Duty Mobile at high settings.

Google Camera for Realme GT Neo 3T [Best GCam]

Since the Realme GT Neo 3T hit the market in mid-2022, it has become one of the most recommended upper-middle-range phones, especially for gamers, as it uses the powerful Snapdragon 870 processor for games and only costs around €300. However, it is also ideal for those who enjoy taking photos, since it incorporates a triple camera of 64 MP with an ultra-wide angle of 8 MP and a macro of 2 MP.

If you have this phone and feel that the camera could take better photos, you are right. The stock camera of the Realme GT Neo 3T is not very good and to check it, it is enough to install the GCam. The Google camera, which in theory is exclusive to the Google Pixel, manages to get the most out of all its camera sensors to give you incredible results both when taking photos and when recording videos. Next, we will tell you how to download and install the GCam on your Realme GT Neo 3T.

Download the best GCam for your Realme GT Neo 3T

Download the best GCam for your Realme GT Neo 3T

As you may already know, GCam is the official camera app for Google Pixel phones. It is not available on the Play Store because it is theoretically exclusive to those devices.

However, there is a large number of developers in the Android community who are dedicated to creating unofficial versions of the GCam compatible with mobiles of any brand. These versions are known as GCam MOD or port and there are many that you can download, although not all of them will be suitable for your Realme GT Neo 3T.

Based on community tests, the best GCams for Realme GT Neo 3T are PXv8.1 created by Urnyx05, and LMC8.4_R14 created by Hasli. The former is more stable than the latter but is based on a slightly older GCam app. Our recommendation is that you download both, try them out and then stick with the one you like best. Here below we leave you the official links to download them:

Download APK |  PXv8.1_GCam-v1.0 for Realme GT Neo 3T (more stable)

Download APK |  LMC8.4_R14 for Realme GT Neo 3T (newest)

How to install the GCam on a Realme GT Neo 3T

As I said earlier above, below you will find out how to install the GCam OnePlus 6 apk. For friends who don’t know the exact installation steps, you can see them here.

  1. The first step you have to take is to download the Google Camera application for your OnePlus 6 cellphone.
  2. Then move the apk and XML files that you downloaded earlier to the phone’s internal storage.
  3. Then create a new folder with the name GCam on the phone’s internal storage, then paste the two files into this folder.
  4. Then in the GCam folder that you created earlier, then create a new folder again with the name Configs.
  5. Then move the XML file into this Configs folder,
  6. Then the next step is to install the GCam apk that you copied earlier into that folder.
  7. After a message appears saying the app is installed, then open the GCam application.
  8. After the application is open, then double-tap on the black area close to the shutter button icon.
  9. Then select Choose Config, then look for the XML file that you copied earlier to the internal storage.
  10. Then click the Restore button.
  11. Finished.
  • First, download these configuration files onto your phone.
  • Using the file manager app make a new folder and name it “GCam.”
  • Now open gcam folder that we create in the last step then create one more folder and name it configs7
  • move the configs7 file into the configs7 folder
  • Now close the file manager and open the google camera app and tap twice on the blank area next to the shutter button.
  • Tap on the settings given in the window and then press the restore button.
  • Return to the app drawer, then launch the application once more.


Afterward, you can use the Google camera app on your Realme GT Neo 3T to take photos or record videos. If you notice bugs or failures, try another APK until you find the right one.


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