Agree, to receive spam messages is not enough pleasant. And exactly at the moment when the holders of email platforms configured their filters properly, spammers began to pay attention to other popular sites. With the development of smartphones and the advent of instant messengers, device users have become a new victim for spamming.

But I am glad that a struggle is being waged in this area too. For example, Google Spam will soon have built-in tools to combat spam.

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Messages must be cleaned of spam!

How to protect yourself from spam?

Often spam mailings come not to a specific person, but to a group of people at once. As a rule, spambots work with a database of phone numbers from which group correspondence is formed. People are automatically added to this correspondence, after which all participants in this “fascinating and very important” conversation receive a message with spam.
[quads id=2] Earlier this week, a Google employee said that the Google Messaging app will be able to report spam in group chats. But the struggle with spammers does not end there.

Among other things, now and Android users will have the opportunity to somehow influence the situation. To do this, developers introduce the spam report option. If you suddenly receive a message of this nature, now the application will be able to send a complaint to Google tech support to check and block users. It will appear in the group message submenu.

According to Google, to do this, in the dialogue mode, click on the settings menu (made in the form of three points located one above the other), click on “Group Information”, and then select the “Report Spam” item. This action will not only report the attacker but also block access to your phone number and Google ID.

In addition, there is also information that the search giant plans to add another “spam protection system”. To do this, an algorithm will be created that should filter the transmitted messages based on machine learning mechanisms.

The system will analyze the message traffic passing through the servers and calculate the intruders. Over time, when the system receives complaints about spam that have passed through the filter, the smart machine will add them to its database, which will help to better deal with spammers in the future.

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In fact, this is a very commendable tactic. It should be taken into service by all companies. In particular, this applies to developers of popular WhatsApp, Telegram and Viber instant messengers, whose users regularly complain about spam mailings.

Surely, each of you at least once, but received such “messages of happiness.” I want to believe that Google will succeed, especially since the company already has proven algorithms that are used in the Gmail email service to combat spam. So why not apply them to messages? And it is also desirable to share best practices with the creators of instant messengers.