Getting started with the Sony headset SBH20

Here are Sony SBH20 headsets , designed for listening to music stored on a smartphone.


This device lets you listen to music from your smartphone. It can be up to 10 meters of it while listening to the playlist.

Sony headset SBH20 design:

The machine is very simple with Play / Pause and two to display the previous or the following pieces key pieces, all on top of the device, but unfortunately it is not always easy to support these buttons. On his side, there is the power button and LED notification that due to color code green, orange and red the battery level. In addition, the light turns blue when it detects a device via Bluetooth. We also find a door behind which hides a USB port to charge the device – not a proprietary plug, fortunately. The keys are related to the volume on the other hand at the top of the device.

The music part


Simply connect the headset to the smartphone via Bluetooth or via NFC to make it work. It only takes a few seconds to complete the operation.

The sound

The sound is good, with ample bass. The device could be placed in status gimmick if this had not been the case.

The settings

It is possible to change the buttons to scroll through songs before / after. The volume is also easily accessible. There are no more options on these headsets, including fresh and colorful design is one of the main benefits.

The phone part

The headset also used hands-free kit. It is possible to pick his calls via the Play button. A violet LED flashes every incoming call. The same button is also used to hang up, of course. We tested the sound during our phone conversations. It is very clear, what we can thank the system “HD Voice”. It is possible to get away from a few meters away from the phone without altering the sound quality. However, we regret the absence of cancellation system noise, which would significantly contributed to the strength of this ear kit.


In summary, the atria have a good sound, but it will still pay the sum of 50 euros to get them. We must not forget that it can be binding having to recharge the device, even if it has a 110 mAh battery, it is lean six hours of listening, which is rather low SINCE it will, for fans of music listening in transport, probably reload the kit several times a week. However, we appreciate the opportunity to use any headphones with Bluetooth SBH20 body, which, on its own, embarks on-ear headphones good quality and match the case (three pairs of silicone tips included

sbh20 manual