Streaming services are one of the most used entertainment systems today, offering you a variety of attractive options that you will really want to have. The Roku is one of the favorite devices on the market, due to its ease of use, quality, and above all, its price. Did you buy one? Get the most out of your Roku with these top tricks.

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10 Tips For Roku Tv

Use these simple tips to improve the experience when using your Roku device:

Rearrange your channels

Rearrange your channels

After you choose your preferred channels, you can rearrange them the way you want. This will allow you to access them more easily, without having to lose them among so many options.

You can run this option from your Roku remote:

  1. Select the My Channels section.
  2. Press Options (It is the button on the physical remote with the * symbol).
  3. Finally, click on the Move channel.

Use your mobile as a Roku Tv remote control

Use your mobile as a Roku Tv remote control

You can use your mobile as a remote control by downloading the Roku app from the Play Store for your Android. In this way, get the most out of your Roku and make your mobile a great operations center where you have the possibility of accessing multiple options.

Search with Roku and find your series or movies

It is considered one of the best features of this device. It has a universal search function through the Roku interface, allowing you to search for movies or series, showing which channels or apps are available.

Voice search without remote

The most recent generation Rokus has physical controls that integrate a microphone and a voice search button. This, using to find movies, series, categories, and actors in the main streaming channels. Making it much easier to search for your favorite programs.

With this option, you can get the most out of your Roku by using the app from your smartphone. After entering the app, select Search in the menu, then press Voice and start.

Stream videos, music, and photos from your mobile

From the Roku mobile app, there is the Media On Roku function, with this option you can stream videos, photos, and music saved on your smartphone. Access the app and select the Media button, then choose the content of your mobile to project and that’s it.

Stream from YouTube and Netflix

Both YouTube and Netflix have a streaming option, which will allow you to send videos from their apps to your TV. Download the apps on your mobile and click the cast button after selecting the video.

It is important that both your Roku device and your smartphone are connected to the same WiFi network for this trick to work.

Price: Free
Price: Free
Add private channels to your home screen

There are certain channels that are not usually shown to all types of audiences because some of them are adult content, are in their beta phase, or are simply third-party channels where that broadcast programs without their own app. Among the most sought-after to download is Star Plus.

There are other private channels for movies, foreign television, and podcasts that are in the public domain. However, these cannot be found in the channel store, which is why it will be necessary to install them using codes or links. Access this option from the Roku website:

  1. Sign in to your Roku account.
  2. Select Manage account and then Add channel.
  3. Then, enter the Passcode.
  4. Click OK and you’re done.

Change the theme on your home screen

The default theme for your Roku device is pretty purple, but if you want to change it, click Settings, then click Themes and select the one you prefer.

In addition, you can find other themes, which are related to the season, so that you can celebrate your holidays on your Roku.

Choose a screensaver that identifies you

Like the previous one, Roku devices offer a wide variety of additional screensavers for all user tastes. Go into Settings, and click on the screen saver.

Likewise, if they are not to your liking, you can go to the channel store and find a greater variety.

Screen mirroring from your mobile

Similar to Apple AirPlay and Chromecast, Roku allows casting and mirroring your smartphone screen to your TV, follow these steps:

  1. Go into settings and click on System.
  2. Click Screen Mirroring.
  3. Then select Screen mirroring mode

If you want the device to connect automatically, you can do so by turning on the Always allow the feature.

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