Get rid of Facebook Messenger posts


There is a saying that the manuscripts do not burn, but Facebook has managed to prove the opposite. So, last year it became known that the founder and head of the company, Mark Zuckerberg, enjoys the privilege of deleting his own messages from correspondence with users in the messenger, and this was done solely for reasons of corporate security. While ordinary users could erase notifications only from their correspondence, but they were kept by other interlocutors. Subsequently, the company promised to introduce a similar option in the application for everyone, and since the fall of 2018, this chip has been tested.

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And now all users have the opportunity to delete their own messages, and they will disappear forever from all chats. One problem – you need to make a decision quickly. The user has only 10 minutes to delete a message sent in hearts, on emotions or through carelessness to the wrong recipient. In order to permanently erase an unwanted message, you will need to use the Remove for Everyone item. This option is available in both private and group chats.


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