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Gboard Haptics Vibration on Android 15: How to turn it off

You will be able to turn off the Gboard haptics vibration on your Android 15 in this guide. Recently, the Silicon Valley giant released the fifteenth iteration of its operating system and with it, a slew of exciting new features will be available. Private Space, Lock Screen widgets, Battery Health Percentage, App Archive, and Bluetooth Quick Settings menus are some of the more noteworthy ones.

Although it does seem to have been bugged by quite a few “problems”, one of which is that users are unable to turn off the haptics vibration that is generated by the Gboard on their Android 15 device. All the basic workarounds that were attempted, including deleting data, forcing Gboard to stop, and even downgrading Gboard, have failed.

The same issue was replicated at our end as well, and it appears to be persistent across several keyboard apps, including Swipe as well. Consequently, this all but confirms that the culprit is indeed the latest OS build instead of Gboard. If you are experiencing the same issue, then this guide may be of assistance to you. Please follow the instructions for the correct solution.


Android 15: Turning off Gboard Haptics

Gboard Haptics Vibration on Android 15

In the first place, let’s address the elephant in the room- this is not a defect, but rather an intended feature of Android 15. Google has introduced a rather weird working mechanism for the Keyboard Vibration functionality with Android 15. This option is available in the Settings menu and is enabled by default. While that is great, it is not so great that this feature has been given the ability to override the keyboard app’s haptics settings.

The keyboard haptic option in the Settings menu will take precedence over Gboard haptics even if you disable it, and overall haptics will remain enabled regardless of which option is enabled. Therefore, the in-app option for controlling haptics in every keyboard app has been removed, which takes a significant amount of control away from end users. It is now either all or none.

Google’s decision to introduce this feature when each app already had one is beyond anyone’s understanding, but at this point, one should not even be surprised since the Silicon Valley giant has made weirder decisions in the past that have had much greater implications.

Finally, if you wish to turn off Gboard Haotiucs Vibration in Android 15, you will have to head over to Settings > Vibration & Haptics > and select the Keyboard Vibration option. Regardless of the settings on your device, the consequences would not only apply to Gboard but to all of the keyboard apps installed on your device.


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