Game: Occupy Colors Lite Nokia Symbian^3

By | Wednesday, Aug 21 2013 8:03AM

Occupy Colors Lite

Occupy Colors Lite – is a great puzzle game for Nokia Symbian ^ 3 (Anna, Belle). In this game, as in Fillr , you need to take on the playing field more cells than your opponent is trying to do. The game lasts exactly as long as one of you will not capture at least half of the board, plus another cell. That is, should be a clear advantage in someone’s side and of course, your task is to make sure that it was from you.[spoiler title=”Occupy Colors Lite Screen Shots” open=”0″ style=”1″]
[spoiler title=”Occupy Colors Additional Informations” open=”0″ style=”1″]

File:  sis
Size: 206 kb
Game Type: Puzzle
Supported Phones: Nokia N8, C6-01, C7-00, E7-00, E6, X7, 500, 603, 700, 701, 808


Occupy Colors Lite (18.2 KiB, 155 downloads)