Game: Gravity Guy for Nokia Symbian^3 Phones

Game: Gravity Guy for Nokia Symbian^3 Phones

Gravity Guy is a sensational game for our Nokia N8, Nokia C7, Nokia C6-01, Nokia E7, Nokia E6 and Nokia X7 , where “playing” with gravity, completing scenes we go non-stop running and without falling or getting caught by our pursuer.

The game is very fast, we need to think in a matter of hundredths which is the right way, just let you relax for a second. It has a two-player multiplayer locally from the same device, which is quite funny, where we must go further compete for our openente. It has two modes of play, Story mode and endless mode, so that we are enjoying the hours you want.
The way to control it is very simple, probably more complicated if the game might not be as fast. Just give a tap on the screen to change the flow of the gravity of our protagonist.

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Gravity Guy is available on the Ovi Store for 1.06 euros, a real gift!. But before you buy, I recommend you to try free version for PC, so you know if you have it on your device. You can try it on your PC from here .

    скачать Gravity Guy на симбиан 3 nokia n8

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