Game: Cut The Equal Nokia S60v5, Symbian^3

The Equal cut –  in which you will need not only the presence of gray matter in the head, but also a great eye estimation. At first glance, the game may remind you Cut The Box . Indeed, even the previews of the games are almost identical, but the gameplay of Cut The Equal is closer to Slice It , because your main goal is not to clear the board from any figures, and the last cut into two identical halves of the area.


Just want to note that the game was pretty difficult. If at first you will be asked to cut in one shape that has more or less symmetrical shape, then soon you will run into a few pieces, that need to be cut with a single movement. Well, when the pieces are positioned one above the other or in the same plane. In such situations, some quite figure out where they are both middle and draw a line cut.

Cut The Equal Gameplay features :-

Things become more complicated when the figures are beginning to settle down on the diagonal. That’s where you really have to stretch very much brains. For each completed level you will get an asterisk, the amount of which will depend on whether you have mastered perfectly. At some points, this approach will seem to you herewith a mockery. The levels are so complex that you will dream about at least one sprocket and the possibility to move to the next task, but it is not given to everyone and not the first time.


Cut The Equal Graphics and Sound :-

Graphics in the game is pretty high quality, despite its origins. In the main menu sounds nice soft music, and the gameplay is accompanied by the sounds that fit perfectly into what is happening on the screen of a smartphone. We tested the game Cut The Equal for Nokia X6 and Nokia N8 . Great game for the brain.No complaints. To install and run the game requires an Internet connection.
Download Game: Cut The Equal Nokia S60v5, Symbian^3

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