Game: Adrenalin for Nokia S60v5, Symbian^3

Adrenalin for Nokia S60v5, Symbian^3
Adrenalin for Nokia S60v5, Symbian^3

Adrenalin As is usually the case in your hands is the fate of a running man on the roofs of buildings. When you look at the situation in the game, a feeling that all over the world is in some chaos caused by either man-made disaster, whether natural disasters.

On the horizon, glowing fire, the smoke of which extends to the heavens, flying around the pieces do not understand why and boulders, and sometimes on top of the debris falling so huge that they are not possible to jump over. Perhaps it is with this the developers have gone too far, because while testing the game with us for a few dozen attempts never once failed to skip such an obstacle. Some birds arejust on the rooftops until they will get rid of the main character, and the rest of the picture greatly resembles the possible events of World War II.

EN 07 - Game: Adrenalin for Nokia S60v5, Symbian^3


Of course, you have to jump from one roof to another, and if possible try not to trip over boxes, satellite dishes and other stuff, which is on the roof will be abundant. Such collisions do not affect the well-being of the protagonist, but knock off the pace, and he slowed down, no longer able to jump over large spans between the roofs of houses. By the way, this game got a little variety, and in addition you will have to wait for roof terraces and greenhouses, getting into that, we have to break the glass walls to pieces. The latter, by the way, also makes little to slow down the movement of the protagonist, so you need to be alert.

EN 28 - Game: Adrenalin for Nokia S60v5, Symbian^3

It’s a pity only that our character is running, without stopping, which is why we can not go back and be dispersed well before a serious obstacle. The graphics in the game is quite acceptable. At least the main character does not look painted stikmanom and it looks like a man. Soundtrack is great and consists of a large number of music tracks. you can purchase this game from ovi store.

EN 31 - Game: Adrenalin for Nokia S60v5, Symbian^3


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