Galaxy A50 SM-A505GT/DS Binary 9 Firmware – Android 11 R

A505GT/DS Binary 9 Firmware - Android 11 R

The Samsung Galaxy A50 SM-A505GT/DS is an impressive device that offers users a multitude of features and capabilities. With its 6.4-inch Super AMOLED Infinity-U display, octa-core processor, and 4GB RAM, this phone delivers exceptional performance for any user.


The triple rear camera system with 25MP main lens allows you to capture stunning photos while the 4000 mAh battery ensures long-lasting power throughout the day. Additionally, it comes with 128GB of internal storage expandable up to 512GB via a microSD card slot so you can store all your data without worrying about running out of space anytime soon!

Samsung Galaxy A50 SM-A505GT/DS Binary 9 Android 11 R Brazil ZTO A505GTUBS9CWA1

The SM-A505GT/DS firmware is a powerful and reliable software solution designed to keep your device running smoothly. It offers comprehensive support for a wide range of features, including enhanced security, improved performance, extended battery life, and more.

This firmware also provides regular updates to ensure that you have the latest bug fixes and feature enhancements available at all times. With its robust capabilities and intuitive user interface, this firmware makes it easy to maintain your device’s optimal functionality over time.

The specific Galaxy A50 SM-A505GT/DS U9 Firmware Download Package comes with a Stock ROM of Galaxy A50 SM-A505GT/DS U9 Security Patch Level 2023-01-01 (January 1, 2023). This helps you to bypass the FRP lock and revert from the root and custom ROM.

There are various reasons to flash “Stock Firmware on Galaxy A50 SM-A505GT/DS U9. For example, your phone will be stuck or hang on the logo. You want to remove the FRP lock from it.

If you’re going to reset your phone hard and you cannot access the recovery menu. But most of the problems that cause flashing stock ROM are below.

The Advantages Of Galaxy A50 SM-A505GT/DS U9 Stock ROM:

  • Flash Stock ROM to solve the boot loop issue
  • Update and Downgrade
  • Unroot or Fix Bugs on the phone
  • To solve the lag or stutter
  • By flashing Stock ROM, you can fix software issues.
  • Revert back to stock to get your warranty.


Galaxy A50 SM-A505GT/DS U9 Stock ROM Details:

SM-A505GT/DS U9 Brazil ZTO A505GTUBS9CWA1:

Model SM-A505GT/DS Binary 9 U9, S9, Bit 9
Region / Country Brazil
Language Multi-Language
Android version Android 11 R
Operator / Carrier Clean ZTO (no logo, carrier apps)
Modem CP Version / Baseband A505GDXS9CVL3
product code ZTO
Build Date 2023-01-06
Security Patch Level 2023-01-01 (January 1, 2023)
Size 4.2 GB
[quads id=2]
Brazil – ZTO Mega Google Drive
Brazil Claro ZTA Mega Google Drive
Brazil Hi ZTR Mega Google Drive
Brazil Tim ZTM Mega Google Drive
Brazil Vivo ZVV Mega Google Drive
SM-A505GT/DS U9 Brazil ZTO/Claro ZTA/Hi ZTR/Tim ZTM/Vivo ZVV A505GTUBU9CVJ1:
Model SM-A505GT/DS Binary 9 U9, S9, Bit 9
Region / Country Brazil
Language / Language Multi-Language
Android version Android 11 R
Operator / Carrier Clean ZTO (no logo, carrier apps)
CP Version / Baseband Modem A505GDXU9CVJ1
product code ZTO
Build Date 2022-10-17
Security Patch Level 2022-10-01 (October 1, 2022)
Size 4.2 GB
Brazil – ZTO Google Drive Mega
Brazil – Claro ZTA Google Drive Mega
Brazil – Hi ZTR Google Drive Mega
Brazil Tim ZTM
Google Drive Mega
Brazil Vivo ZVV Google Drive Mega

How To Install Galaxy A50 SM-A505GT/DS U9 Stock Firmware:

Download the Odin and USB Drivers on your PC. Follow the below link to install the firmware using the Odin Flash tool.

How To Flash Samsung Stock Firmware With ODIN

1: Download and Install Samsung USB Driver on your computer. If the Samsung USB Driver is already installed on your computer, Skip this Step.

2: Download and extract the  Galaxy A50 SM-A505GT/DS U9 Firmware  files on your computer.

3: Now, Switch off your Smartphone.

4: After switching off the phone, you need to boot into Download Mode. To boot into download mode.

Press and hold Volume Down, Home, and Power button at the same time for 5-8 seconds until download mode is active.

5: In the Download mode, you will be able to see a Warning Yellow Triangle Sign. In this situation, you have to press the Volume Up key to continue.

6: Now, Download and open Odin. Then connect your Smartphone to the computer.

7: Once you have connected the Smartphone to the computer, Odin will automatically recognize the device and show the “Added” message on the lower-left panel.

8: Once Odin detects your device, click on the PDA button, and select the Firmware.tar file.

9: Now, click on the Start button in Odin to begin the Flashing.

10: Flashing usually takes 30-50 seconds to complete the process on your Phone.

Once the Firmware process is completed you will see a Green Box with Pass written on it in Odin. During this process, the Smartphone will reboot automatically.

Once you see, the Pass message in Odin, you can disconnect your Device from the computer.

The flashing process will begin and should take about 10–12 minutes. It may take some time for your device to reboot, but don’t be alarmed.

When your Galaxy A50 SM-A505GT/DS U9 finally boots up, you should now be running your desired firmware.

If you want to check that the correct firmware is installed, head to Settings –> About Phone –> Software Information. The firmware number is located under the “Baseband version.”


  • Please read and understand the Full Guide before flashing “Galaxy A50 SM-A505GT/DS U9 Firmware.
  • Use these instructions at your own risk. We will not be responsible for everything that happens to your device, resulting from using the information in this guide.
  • Before flashing, Stock ROM must have a 70–80% charge.
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