Frozen Bubble – a new bubble shooter game for Nokia

Frozen Bubble - a new bubble shooter game for Nokia

Frozen Bubble . In this game you have to defeat a lot of balls of different colors, collecting them in clusters of three or more pieces. As in all these games, you will manage a single gun, shooting rounds of color. She did not have anywhere to turn, and tire yourself too long aiming not have to. Suffice it to tap on the screen to the right place, and the ball will rush in that direction.

Gameplay features

What is interesting is lower than the gun you will see on the next stage of the ball and you will know what color it, but swap the one in the crater, so that the queue will not work. At the top of the screen you will see a large cluster of colorful balloons, which occasionally falls lower and lower. On this basis, should already be clear that in the case of too long party balloons to drop to a certain limit, and you will lose.

Despite the simplicity of the gameplay toy can not be called monotonous. With each new level, the number of balls and their colors will increase. Furthermore, the speed at which the total mass of balls fall to the bottom of the playing field will increase. The sides of the playing field makes balls bounce off at the same angle at which the shot was taken. In some cases, you can use this feature to your advantage, and in the case of a large luck you can get rid of all the balls in one shot.

In Frozen Bubble can be wrong, but not for long

In each game, you are given three lives and, unless you have spent, you can even leave it, and when you restart the progress will continue. Life is spent when comes to the bottom of the accumulation of balls. Three times go wrong – and have to start the game from the first level. The game is built on java-platform, but despite this it can boast of good graphics and the lack of any symptoms was braking. The soundtrack is also available, and judging by it, it seems that all of the elements in the game are made of glass.

We tested the game Frozen Bubble on Nokia N8, C6-01, C7-00, E7-00, E6, X7, 500, 603, 700, 701, 808. its works fine and a very good time killer game.

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