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Free apps this week to download from Google Play

English for everyone! Pro

An app that is designed for any type of level, whether they are young people or adults. Whether we are starting with the language or if we are already experts, it offers a fantastic course similar to Tongo’s service to know our level of English with different questionnaires. It also serves as a great support tool for the school.

How much can I spend? Premium Expense Control

If an app that is dedicated to controlling our expenses is paid, it means that it is going to offer us totally different options from the others. Apart from managing all the purchases and bills that are made at home, it allows us to establish daily limits of money in case we are a little wasteful in that sense.
how much can i spend

Reminder Pro: Reminder

In Google Play we find many options of this type since the mobile is a perfect complement to configure notices and alerts that allow us to remember things. Like so many other apps, it is a simple tool to add a reminder alarm for tasks, errands, and items to your to-do list.


Speed ​​View GPS Pro

This app has already visited our offers articles on several occasions. A program that has different utilities such as a speedometer in case we do bike routes or even running. Another of these utilities is the aspect of recording the routes we plan through GPS, with the real-time location of our position.


Bookmark Manager – Website favorites manager

A tool that will allow us to save all the favorite websites that we do not want to lose. In many terminals it happens that browser tabs are accumulated to save all those pages, making the application slower and weighing down the mobile. With this app, we can save the links easily.


90X Duplicate File Remover Pro

An application that seeks the maximum optimization of the device from another perspective. There is no case in which repeated files, photos, and documents do not accumulate, generating excess storage. This tool seeks to remove automatically those duplicate files, thanks to its AI that detects duplicates autonomously.
duplicate file remover pro apps free week 24

Shortcut Manager

It is a very useful app to set application shortcuts, settings, or any action that comes to mind. The most common applications of the day-to-day can be accessed in a faster way with simple shortcuts such as icons scattered on the main screen of the terminal.


Correlate – Symptom and Habit Diary

This app works as a doctor at home, offering a complete monitoring of any discomfort, pain, or illness that we may be suffering. Make a diagnosis with symptoms that we suffer thanks to its large database, in addition to making a correlation between these symptoms and eating habits. With this, the app draws its own conclusions.

correlate free apps week 34

Equalizer FX Pro

In this tool you can use any media player (music player, video player, etc.), the equalizer can also change the original sound quality. An app that will allow us to equalize our music and enhance the bass, to leave the sound the way we like it. It has 6 volume modes for you to choose from, such as normal mode, music mode, outdoor mode, meeting mode, sleep mode, silent mode, and custom mode.

equalizer fx pro

Learn to run

It is one thing to do things well, but quite another to do it perfect or for a competitive approach. This app is used precisely for that, to learn to run long distances correctly. It can also be used to stay fit and lose weight since it monitors all the data after a training session. learn to run

Are there more free apps to download?

Finally, we leave the links of the rest of the applications that have this same offer and that we are going to leave below to download them quickly.

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