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Itel P40 P662LN Firmware Flash File – Android 12 S

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Installing the stock ROM restores your Itel P40 P662LN to its original out-of-the-box software condition. This can fix various issues that may arise, like being stuck on the logo screen, FRP locks problems, fast boot mode errors, display issues, dead recovery, and more.

Flashing the stock firmware gives your phone a fresh start by overwriting the existing software with the original version. This is an advanced process and should only be done if you are experiencing significant software errors that can’t be resolved otherwise.

It’s crucial to back up all your data before flashing stock firmware. The process will completely wipe your phone, so contacts, photos, apps, and other personal content will be deleted. Save anything important to your computer or cloud storage to avoid permanent data loss.

Proceed cautiously and only flash the stock ROM file for your specific model number. Installing the wrong firmware can brick your device.

Download Required Files

Before flashing the stock ROM on your Itel P40 P662LN, you’ll need to download the necessary files:

  • SPD Driver: This allows communication between your phone and the flash tool. You can download the official SPD driver from the Itel website. Make sure to select the driver for your specific Itel model.

  • Stock ROM File: This is the original firmware file for your device. Only flash firmware is meant for your exact Itel P40 P662LN model number, not for other variants. Stock ROMs can be found on third-party sites after searching for your device name and model number.

Firmware Information:

Device Name: Itel P40 P662LN
ROM Type: Full ROM
SoC: unisoc
OS: Android 12xx
Password: Null
Root Access: No
Firmware Version: Check below list

Available Firmware

  • SPD Flash Tool: This software you’ll use on your computer to flash the stock firmware onto your phone. Download the latest SPD flash tool from the official Itel support site. The tool is generally compatible with multiple Itel devices.

Once you have these three files downloaded and ready, you can install the driver and extract the firmware files to prep for the flashing process. Be sure to download the correct ROM and flash tool to avoid errors.

Install Drivers

Before we can flash the stock ROM, you must install the SPD driver on your Windows PC. This allows the flash tool to recognize and communicate with your Itel phone when connected.

To get the SPD driver, you’ll usually find the setup file in the firmware folder you extracted earlier. If not, search online for the specific driver for your Itel device model.

Once you have the driver setup .exe file, follow these steps:

  • Double-click to launch the SPD driver installer. Accept any security prompts.

  • On the setup wizard, click Next to begin the installation.

  • When prompted, agree to the license agreement, then select a directory to extract the driver files.

  • Click Install to continue. The drivers will now be installed on your PC.

  • Finally, click Finish once the installation is complete. The SPD driver is now ready for use.

With the driver installed, your computer will recognize when the phone is connected in flashing mode. This allows the two devices to communicate so firmware can be written to the phone.

Instructions to Flash Itel P40 P662LN:

Before we can flash the stock firmware, we need to extract the files we downloaded earlier. This is a simple process:

  1. Locate the compressed firmware file and flash tool you downloaded. They will likely be in .zip or .rar format.

  2. Open the compressed firmware file first. Extract the contents, including the actual .pac firmware file needed for flashing.

  3. Now, do the same with the Flash tool file. Extract it so you have access to the Flash tool executable.

  4. Once extracted, you should have the firmware .pac file and the flash tool ready for the next steps. Extract them to a location you can easily access, like your desktop.

  5. With the files extracted, we can load up the tool and firmware and get ready to flash it onto the device.

The key things to extract are the PAC firmware file and the flash tool executable. Make sure you locate the correct files for your specific Itel P40 model and extract them properly. Now, we can move on to loading the firmware and using the tool to flash it.

Download and install the SPreadtrum USB Driver on your computer.

2: Download the Itel P40 P662LN Plus flash file.

3: Extract the Spreadtrum Upgrade Tool on your computer.

4: Now open Spreadtrum Upgrade Tool .exe.

5: Once the SPreadtrum Upgrade Tool is Launched, Connect your device to the computer (Make sure your device is switched off).

6: Once your Smartphone is connected to the computer, click the Load Packed Button and add the Itel P40 P662LN Plus ROM file. (having .pac extension)

7: Once you have successfully added the. Pac file in SPD Upgrade Tool, click on the Start Downloading button to begin the flashing process.

8: Wait for 2 – 10 minutes, as the device is in the flashing process.

9: During the flashing process, your device will restart automatically. Once flashing is completed, you can see the Green Passed Message in the SPD Upgrade Tool.

10: Close the SPD Tool on your computer and disconnect your Android Smartphone from the computer.

Congratulations! you have successfully installed Itel P40 P662LN Plus Stock ROM using the SPD Flash tool.

Follow Detailed instructions to Flash Firmware With SPD Flash Tool.


Once the flashing process is complete on your computer, disconnect your Itel P40 P662LN and power it on.

The stock firmware should now be successfully installed on your device. Here are a few things you can do to confirm:

  • Check the phone’s settings or about menu to verify the new firmware version number matches what you flashed.

  • Look for customized carrier branding, wallpapers, ringtones, apps, etc., that indicate the stock ROM.

  • Try testing software features that were broken before the flash. The camera, Bluetooth, WiFi, etc., should now work.

  • Check that any issues like being stuck on the logo screen, FRP lock, fast boot problems, display issues, or dead recovery are now resolved.

  • Give the phone a factory reset from recovery mode to wipe data and ensure a clean firmware install.

If all these checks pass, you can rest assured the stock ROM flash was successful. Your Itel P40 P662LN now has the original firmware restored. Enjoy using your phone again!

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