FixTheNet for Nokia Symbian^3 Phones

Fix The Net for Nokia N8 / C7 / C6-01/603/701
Fix The Net Nokia N8 / C7 / C6-01/603/701

FixTheNet is a fantastic puzzle game for our Nokia N8, C7, C6-01 and E7, X 7, 500, 603, 700, 701, where we will have to connect all the computers with the mainframe in the fewest steps. A highly recommended game for gray matter.

As we have already mentioned, the game is joined, in a network, all the computers with the central, to which we can turn each computer or cable to get to connect, in which case will be the blue tile. We have up to 4 different difficulty levels to play, each higher level, more computers to connect.

FixTheNet is available free at the Nokia Store.