Fix the Orange TV error

Today, watching TV is something you can do practically anywhere thanks to streaming. You can use a tablet, smartphone, Chromecast, dongle, Smart TV, or even the computer. But depending on the service you hire, you have some restrictions on the number of devices that can enjoy the content.

Orange TV is one of these excellent streaming services that, like all the others, has certain limitations. If you are here it is because you are surely dealing with the problem of “This channel is being viewed on another device”, but don’t worry, we will explain why this happens and how to solve it.

This channel is being watched on another device, why is this happening on Orange TV?

On Orange TV you can only watch the same content simultaneously on 2 devices. This is a default configuration that the platform brings. This means that you can easily watch the National Geographic channel on two different devices at the same time. For example, on a Smart TV, and a Chromecast. However, if you want to put this channel on a third device at the same time, the message “This channel is being watched on another device” will appear.

Now you know that this happens by trying to put the same channel on 3 devices at the same time. However, with soccer games, the device limit set changes a bit. Orange TV imposes on soccer channels (Movistar LaLiga and Movistar Liga de Campeones) the rule of a large screen device (Smart TV, Chromecast or Fire Stick) and a small screen device (mobile, tablet, or PC).

How does this work? Well, simple, if you want to watch a football game simultaneously, you can do it on 2 devices, but one must be on a small screen and the other on a large screen. For example, if you want to enjoy Real Madrid vs Barcelona on Orange TV, you can do it simultaneously on a TV and a mobile phone. You cannot see it on two mobiles or two Smart TVs. Do you still have doubts about this rule? Above we leave you an explanatory video that facilitates everything.

How to fix this Orange TV problem?

fix this Orange TV problem

Taking into account the limit of 2 devices to watch channels simultaneously, and the rule of large and small screen devices for soccer, the solution is very simple. If you get this message on Orange TV, what you have to do is change the content on one of the 2 devices to be able to enjoy it on another.

If you want to watch football without getting this warning, just make sure not to put the game on two devices of the same type of screen simultaneously. The image above can help you know what combination of devices you can do to avoid this problem. As you can see, it is very easy to solve it


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