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How to Fix Telegram app failed to play this video

Fix Telegram app failed to play this video

Surely it has happened to you, that you are downloading a video on Telegram and when you try to watch it, you suddenly get a message: The app could not play this video! That is why on this occasion, I will teach you the most frequent causes of these errors and how to solve them with a few simple steps.


There are a few things you can try to fix the problem if the Telegram app isn’t playing a video for you. What we suggest is as follows:

How to solve the error in Telegram: the app could not play this video

These errors are generally not very complex. Because of this, I’m here to clarify the most common causes of these problems and how to fix them.

Make sure you fully download the video

Make sure you fully download the video

We must remember that Telegram supports downloading videos of up to 2 GB and sometimes you can play it from the gallery before completing the download.

However, this is not always the case, so I always recommend downloading the full video, as you may get the playback error message or the message “the video is not optimized for streaming, you may need to download it by complete to reproduce it.

Check the video format

You should first check the video’s format before attempting to play it. MP4, AVI, and MOV are just a few of the many video formats that Telegram supports. The video might not play properly if it is in an unsupported format, though.

  • Click on the file with the right mouse button and choose “Properties” to view the video’s format.
  • The format of the video ought to be visible under the “General” tab.
  • Before playing it in Telegram, you might need to convert it to a format that is supported by Telegram.

Clear the Telegram app cache

Clearing the Telegram app cache might be helpful if updating the app didn’t fix the problem.

  1. Go to “Settings” > “Apps & notifications” > to perform this action.
  2. Telegram appears under “See all apps” after “Storage & cache” and “Clear cache.”
  3. This will clear the app’s cache, which might fix the problem.

you can also check out a detailed guide on how to clear the Telegram App cache.

Clear the Telegram app cache

Uninstall and reinstall Telegram

You might need to uninstall and reinstall the Telegram app if none of the aforementioned steps help to fix the problem. Go to “Settings” > “Apps & notifications” > to perform this action. ‘See all apps’ > ‘Telegram’ > ‘Uninstall’ After removing the application, go to the Google Play Store, type in “Telegram,” and then click “Install.”
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Update the Telegram app

The most frequent problem that can prevent videos from playing on Telegram is an outdated app version. Make sure the most recent version of the Telegram app is installed. Open the Google Play Store on your Android device and type “Telegram” into the search bar to get started. Choose “Update” if there is a new update available.

Check the storage memory on your mobile

Check the storage memory on your mobile

Make sure you have enough space in your mobile storage memory since Telegram will not fully download the video and you will not be able to play it. Try uninstalling apps, videos, and any files that are taking up a lot of space or that you are not using.

Use a better video player

Another problem that usually occurs is that Telegram does not recognize some video formats, so I suggest you use another player that does not have this type of limitation. I recommend VLC Media Player, to view your movies, series, or any content without problems.

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We sincerely hope that this guide will assist you in resolving any problems you may be having with the Telegram app not playing a particular video. You should be able to fix the problem by checking the video format, updating the Telegram app, clearing the app cache, and reinstalling the app.

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