Fix: Solution: Android Auto reads commands in the wrong language

Auto reads commands in the wrong language

Since August of last year, Android Auto has been dragging a very annoying problem that affects users who have two or more languages ​​configured on their mobile. This is a bug that causes Android Auto to read notifications or prompts in the wrong language, thus confusing users. At the time, Google admitted the problem and gave some solutions for Android Auto to read the names of the streets in Spanish.

One of the solutions that Google proposed was to update the application (both Android Auto and Google’s), since they were going to fix the matter from the source. However, it seems that the developers of the big G have not yet found the definitive solution, since the problem remains after multiple updates that have done absolutely nothing.

The company has received many complaints from Android Auto users, so they have had to offer a “new solution.” This time, the solution does work, but you will have to sacrifice a feature of your mobile. Read on to find out how to get Android Auto to read commands in the correct language with this new solution.

Just choose a single language: remove the secondary language

If Android Auto also reads the commands in the wrong language, the solution that Google recommends is to eliminate all the secondary languages ​​that you have in the Google Assistant and on your mobile. That is, just leave your native language as the only language you speak so that Android Auto doesn’t get confused and doesn’t suddenly start speaking to you in English or another foreign language.

Of course, you must make sure that all the languages ​​in your mobile matchNot sure how to apply this solution? Just follow the steps below:

  • First of all, remove the secondary language configured on your Android like this:
    • Go to the Settings or Settings app.
    • Select Languages ​​and inputs (this option may be under Additional settings).
    • Go to Languages and make sure that only the Spanish for your region is selected.
    • If there is another language, delete it.
  • Now, open the Google application and perform these steps:
    • Go to the More section.
    • Go into Settings.
    • Select Voice.
    • Click on Languages.
    • Just leave the Spanish of your region marked and then click on Save.
  • Finally, you have to choose the language of the Google Assistant in this way:
    • Go back to the More tab of the Google app.
    • Go to Settings.
    • Select Google Assistant.
    • Click on Languages.
    • Choose the Spanish of your country as your only language.
    • If there is another language, remove it.

That’s it! That way, Android Auto will be 100% sure that you only have to speak in Spanish. This solution had already been suggested before, but it did not work as people did not match all the languages (including the region) of their mobile. Anyway, let’s hope that Google continues working on a real solution to this problem.

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