How To Fix macOS Ventura WiFi Issues

Fix macOS Ventura WiFi Issues

How To Fix macOS Ventura WiFi Issues

Fix macOS Ventura WiFi Issues

WiFi is essential for work. We rely on WiFi for almost everything on our Macs. If your WiFi isn’t working, you may feel stuck. Relax! MacOS Ventura WiFi problems are easy to fix. Let’s discuss some macOS Ventura WiFi Not Working issues and their solutions.

6 Ways To Fix MacOS Ventura WiFi Not Working

Before fixing WiFi, determine the problem. App/browser, router, or Mac? It’s simple.

Check app connections

WiFi disconnects while you’re using Skype/Twitter. Before cursing your router or Mac, test your WiFi with other apps. If yes, it’s the app, not your network/Mac. App restart fixes the issue. Clearing your browser’s data should fix the WiFi issue if you’re using a web browser.


Restart your Mac to fix macOS Ventura WiFi

If multiple apps are affected, restart your Mac. This will delete temporary files and may fix the problem.

Switch devices

If restarting your Mac doesn’t work, check your router. Connect your phone or tablet to the same WiFi to confirm. If your smartphone or tablet has similar issues, it’s your router. So, connect your Mac to another network and resume work.

If other devices connect to the same network, your Mac has problems. You must fix macOS Ventura’s WiFi issue.

Restart your WiFi 

Try turning off WiFi on your Mac, turning off your router, and then turning it back on. It may fix network glitches or an overheated router.


Erase DNS cache

If turning off WiFi doesn’t work, your Mac may be broken. Next, flush the DNS cache. DNS converts URLs to IPs. If you visit a website often, your Mac stores the information so it doesn’t have to look every time. If the cache is corrupted, your Mac can’t connect to websites.

Clean your Mac’s DNS cache manually or with software to fix WiFi issues.

Change DNS to fix the macOS Ventura Wifi issue

If clearing the DNS cache doesn’t work, change your Mac’s DNS server. Your device is set to your ISP’s DNS server, but switching it won’t hurt. Google’s free DNS servers are easy to access.

  • Apple menu > System settings > WiFi. Tap “I” there
  • To remove the DNS server, click DNS Use ‘–’.
  • Type the following to add a DNS server:

Reset WiFi settings

If macOS Ventura WiFi bugs persist, reset your WiFi settings. This resets the WiFi module and deletes all network files. Four steps:

  • Stop Mac’s WiFi.
  • Shift+C Finder.
  • Go to /Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration. Apple.airport.preferences.plist
  • apple.wifi.message-tracer.plist
  • Try reconnecting to WiFi after restarting your Mac.

Remove old WLANs

Mac remembers WiFi networks until you disconnect. That simplifies network reconnections. If you previously connected to an insecure WiFi network, your Mac will try to reconnect. Your network could be interrupted. Delete old WiFi networks.

ReInstall macOS Ventura.

If nothing worked, reinstall macOS Ventura. Restart in Recovery mode and choose Reinstall macOS from macOS Utilities. MacOS Ventura reinstallation requires a backup. This should solve the problem.

macOS Ventura WiFi issues have many causes. Once you identify the problem, there’s always a solution. Describe the issue in the comments.

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