Galaxy S23 Ultra Power Button Not Working How To Fix

Galaxy S23 Ultra Power Button Not Working How To Fix

A fantastic smartphone that excels in both performance and photography, Samsung’s Galaxy S23 Ultra is an excellent choice. But, just like every other smartphone on the market, the Galaxy S23 Ultra has a few bugs here and there. The power button not working properly is one of the most prevalent problems that consumers experience.

Having problems with the power button on your phone may be a very irritating experience, especially if you do not know how to turn it off or on. This issue may have been brought on by some kind of physical harm, or it may have been brought about by erroneous settings in the software. You have arrived at the right location if you are experiencing this problem. In this tutorial, we will walk you through troubleshooting and fixing any issues that you may be having with the power button on your Galaxy S23 Ultra.

Repair the Power Button That Isn’t Functioning on the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra

The power button is an essential component of any smartphone. It is used to do several important tasks, such as locking and unlocking the phone, restarting it, and much more. If your power button has suddenly stopped working, don’t worry. There are a couple of solutions that you can try to fix this issue. Here are three solutions to try when the power button is not working on your Galaxy S23 Ultra.

The first possible solution is to unlock your phone with biometric authentication.

Unlocking your phone should be your first and paramount priority. If you have biometric authentication set up on your phone, this could be a simple process for you. To unlock your phone, you have the option of using either your face or your fingerprint.

On the other hand, in the event that you have not configured any biometrics, you will be able to unlock your phone by using the screen lock. You can ask a close friend or member of your family to give you a call, which will activate your phone. If you are unable to do this, you should be able to switch on your phone simply by plugging it into the charger. If you have successfully unlocked your phone, you will be able to go on to the other potential alternatives.

Solution 2: Enable Double Tap to Lock 

If pressing the power button does nothing, you will need to hunt for other ways to lock and unlock your phone. In this scenario, you can make use of the functionality that requires two taps to lock. The following is what you need to do:

  1. To begin, launch the app labeled “Settings” on your Galaxy S23 Ultra.
  2. Choose the option labeled Advanced features.
  3. After that, select Motions and gestures by tapping on them.
  4. To turn off the screen with two taps, the toggle next to it must be turned on.
  5. After you have activated this feature, locking your screen will require only two taps on an empty area of your home screen.

Enable Double Tap to Lock 

Solution 3: Remap the Power Button to a Different Key

It’s possible that double-tapping the screen to lock and unlock it will work in the short term, but what are you going to do if your phone freezes and you can’t get to the home screen? You will need to remap one of the Volume keys to operate as the power key for your Galaxy S23 Ultra in order to prevent instances like this from occurring. To accomplish this, you will need to make use of a third-party application such as Key Mapper.

Key Mapper.

Solution 4: Power Off Using the Volume Keys and Power Button

There are instances when the power button may be fully operational; however, the issue is that when you press and hold it for an extended period of time, it awakens Bixby rather than displaying the menu to turn the device off. If this is the situation, you can turn off your phone by holding down the Volume down button as well as the Power button for a minimum of seven seconds.

You may disable Bixby’s presence on your power button in the settings menu if you’d rather not interact with her there. How to do it:

  1. Launch the settings app.
  2. Choose the option Advanced features.
  3. After that, press the “Side key” button.
  4. Choose “Power off menu” from the options available in the “Press and hold” section.

Solution 5: Schedule a Restart 

You can program your phone to turn on and off at predetermined periods if you don’t mind, and you can even program it to restart at certain times. This implies that you won’t need to manually restart your device on the specified day of the week and time because it will do it for you automatically. This is how you make use of the feature:

  1. Launch the app settings.
  2. Tap on General management.
  3. Click the Reset button.
  4. Make sure the toggle that is located next to Auto restart at set times is activated.
  5. To configure the times at which your phone restarts automatically, tap the Auto restart at set times option.

Solution 6: Power Off from the Quick Settings Panel

You can turn off your phone without pushing the power button by using the diminutive power icon that is located in the Quick Settings menu.

Power Off from the Quick Settings Panel

To access the Quick Settings panel, simply scroll down from the top of the page and pull it down. At the very top of the control panel, there should be a little power icon. To turn it off, tap on it and then select the option. Repeatedly tapping the Power off button will finally switch off your device.

Solution 7: Replace the Power Button 

It is important to keep in mind that some of the solutions presented above might be effective only in the short term, but not in the long term. If the power button on your device is still inoperable, you will need to get it replaced at a Samsung repair center.

Solution 8: Check Your Phone Case

If you use a phone case, it is absolutely necessary to check and see if the cover is the culprit behind the power button becoming stuck. Some phone cases may push against the button, causing it to become unresponsive as a result. Remove the case from your phone and give the power button a try. If the power button functions normally while the case is off, you will likely need to replace the case that the phone came with.

Frequently Asked Questions 

How can I fix the power button issue on my Galaxy S23 Ultra?

You can try a number of different solutions, including using biometric authentication to unlock your phone, enabling double tap to lock, remapping the power button to a different key, powering off using the volume keys and the power button, scheduling a restart, or powering off from the quick settings panel. These are just some of the options that are available to you.

What if my power button is fully functional, but it activates Bixby instead of showing the Power off menu?

In this scenario, you have the option of either turning off your phone by holding down the Volume down button and the Power button for minimum of seven seconds or turning off the Bixby feature by accessing the settings on your device.

Can I set my Galaxy S23 Ultra to automatically restart at specific times?

With the “auto restart” feature included in the settings of your Galaxy S23 Ultra, you can, in fact, program the device to restart on its own at predetermined intervals.

Can I power off my phone without using the power button?

It is possible to turn off your phone without using the power button if you access the Quick Settings panel on your phone. This panel contains an icon that looks like a power button and allows you to turn off your phone.


Being in a situation where the power button does not work properly can be very aggravating. But, if you follow the troubleshooting procedures that were just discussed, you will be able to resolve the issue of the power button on the Samsung S23 Ultra not working without the assistance of a specialist. If the problem continues, you will probably need to get assistance from a phone repair business that is more qualified.

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