Fix Could not complete the last backup

By | Monday, Nov 23 2015 4:53PM


How to fix the error “Could not complete the last backup”

When an error like this, there are things you can try to do before you go into a panic.

1. Restart your device

Like many electronic devices, if something does not fit, try turning it off and on again. Instead of normally off your iOS device via the power button, try to hold down the Power + Home until the device is turned off and will be appeared the Apple logo as shown.

Wait until the device restarts, then go to Settings -> iCloud and verify if the problem is resolved. If not continue reading the guide.

2. Logout from iCloud

Another easy step to try is to log out from your account to iCloud. To do this, go to Settings -> iCloud , scroll down and click onQuit . Subsequently login into your account and see if the backup is functioning again.

Unable to complete the last backup 2

3. Reset Network Settings

Another procedure is to perform a reset of the network settings. By performing this operation deletes all the passwords of Wi-Fi networks to which you link. To do this go to Settings -> General -> Reset -> Reset Network Settings .

Unable to complete the last backup 3

4. Delete the old backup

You might try to delete old backups that are on iCloud. Go to Settings -> iCloud -> Archive -> Manage space . On this screen, select the device on which you are having problems (if I had more devices connected to the same iCloud account). Scroll down and select Delete Backup .

Unable to complete the last backup 4

Try to follow all of these tips in case you have the error ” Could not complete the last backup “on your iPhone or iPad. If you can not solve in any way, then you should contact Apple Support.

Let me know if using this guide you solved your problem or if you have suggestions or questions via the comments provided at the end of this article.