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Five colorful themes for your Xiaomi that you should definitely try

We know that you like the songs and like every Saturday, below we bring you a new compilation. This time we have selected five attractive themes for your Xiaomi, which you should definitely try.

Unlike the previous ones, you see that we collected part of the best minimalist themes, this time the concept changes. We selected various really colorful themes, which will give a touch of joy to your Xiaomi, also adding widgets of all kinds.

Do not forget that to download and install these themes on your mobile device, be it Xiaomi, Redmi, or POCO, it is necessary to change the region to India. One fact, you can return to your region after having activated the theme in question.

1. Custom UI | Download

We start the listing with Custom UI, a quite particular subject. For starters, the colors that stand out are purple, blue, and black. These colors converge on a background adorned with sparkling elements that give it the appearance of a dance floor, or disco sphere. Custom UI is an ideal theme for lovers of nightclubs and retro.

Custom UI

Among other outstanding features, we can highlight the large variety of lock screens What does the packet include. The widgets change radically, especially the date and time widgets. Also, the numeric keyboard happens to get a mosaic background.

2. Reno v12 | Download

Secondly, we want to talk to you about a theme that is characterized by being minimalist, but quite attractive. Reno v12 it’s a pack of customizable elements in which its background stands out with shades of white, purple, pink, black, and gray.

Reno v12

It does not offer large-scale changes. The control center icons change slightly. Nevertheless, has custom widgets that provide a different style to the interface. If you are interested, you can download it from the link that we leave you above.

3. Future Past v12 | Download

Future Past v12

The next theme, named after a certain mutant franchise, combines the colors of blue, orange, fuchsia, pink, and white to provide an addictive wallpaper. Future past It is a subject that slightly changes app icons, and also the control center buttons.

Otherwise, the rest of the screens remain the same. The same goes for widgets, which change in subtle ways. Is about a minimalist theme ideal for color lovers. If you want to try it, you can download it from the link next to its name.

4. ArcoB v12 | Download

ArcoB v12

If you are referring to minimalist changes, there is no other topic like ArcoB v12. For a start, offers extremely colorful wallpaper. Red, white, blue, and orange are just some of the colors that we can see from the main screen. However, it does offer some other details.

The application icons change slightly, as some get a white background. Also, the buttons in the control center change alike. The clock widget offers a much more straight and formal look, giving a classic look to the device. Download it if you want to immerse yourself in its colorful background.

5. Me 7 | Download

Lastly, we bring the topic Me 7. We begin by highlighting its background that combines pink and blue colors in harmony. On the other hand, the most notable changes in this theme are its widgets, which are those who give a jovial personality to the mobile device.

Me 7

The app icons remain unchanged, but the control center buttons change slightly. Although its transformation is not radical, it is an excellent option for those seeking a simple theme that maintains the essence of the interface. You can download it from the link next to its name.

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