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Fitbit opens a study to try to measure blood pressure from the Fitbit Sense

Similar to what happens in Android, if we buy a wearable and choose its manufacturer well, it is possible that it will surprise us with new functions. The gadgets that accompany us, from bracelets to smartwatches, are largely influenced by the software that allows them to work. The users of a Fitbit sense could be in luck, after a study that Fitbit begins to discover if it is capable of measuring blood pressure.

The Fitbit Sense, which we will review soon at AndroidTR, is the company’s most advanced (and expensive) device at the moment. Its manufacturer calls it, “Advanced Health Smartwatch” and has sensors to measure skin temperature, SpO2, stress, or even an app to perform electrocardiograms.

To this long list of functions, the company wants to add something that will be familiar to users of a Samsung Galaxy Watch 3, trying to measure blood pressure. To do this, Fitbit Labs launches a one-month study to find out if its devices are capable of measuring the arrival time of the pulse wave (PAT), which is the time it takes for blood to reach the wrist after the heart, and explore with these data a possible link with blood pressure.

What the company does with this study, which includes Fitbit Sense users over the age of 20 and residing in the United States, is to expand other studies that affirm the existence of this correlation to determine what values ​​may affect this measurement.

After all this, the company is looking for an easier way to measure blood pressure that allows it to detect health problems with its wearables.

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