Fire TV Stick slow or with errors how to solve


Nowadays, have devices smart at home involves numerous advantages, as they greatly improve the quality of people’s lives. There Fire TV Stick of Amazon has revolutionized the world of TV since it also allows older ones to become Smart.

linking the device to your television you will get the characteristic features of a Smart TV and you can, for example, watch your favorite TV series on Netflix or Amazon Prime Video.

The Fire TV Stick is available in two versions:

  • Standard version: video quality up to 1080p, 1.3 GHz Quad-core processor and Dolby Audio
  • 4K version: 4K ultra HD video quality, 1.7 GHz Quad-core processor and Dolby Atmos

Both versions, however, do have 8 GB of internal memory (of which only a part can be used to install applications). Understand that it is very easy to fill all available space on the Fire TV Stick. This inconvenience could cause various problems:

  • impossibility to install applications
  • Malfunction of installed applications
  • Fire Stick TV slow

It is important, therefore, to always check the remaining storage space, so that you can make the best use of everything you have installed on your Amazon home device.

Check the memory of the Fire TV Stick

In case the Fire TV Stick should turn out slow, or if you have difficulty launching applications, you will need to check the status of the application immediately memory:

  • Inside the menu, head to the Settings
  • Locate the entry My Fire TV
  • Continue on Information
  • To check the memory status of the device, press on Archiving

In case the memory was inferior at a jig, or in any case very small, you will have to free storage space, to make the Fire TV Stick faster.

Free up the memory of the Fire TV Stick

To free your memory you can act in different ways, according to your preferences.

Clear application data and its cache

The first procedure you could put in place is to make free space, eliminating the data and the cache of applications.

  • Go to the Settings
  • Continue on Applications
  • Click on Manage installed applications

Now all you have to do is select the application of your interest and choose whether:

  • Remove the data, or all your information, such as access data, and any type of personalization
  • Clean up the cache, removing the temporary data of the selected application

Uninstall the applications

If by scrolling through the list of applications, you realize that there are some that you are not using, you can uninstall, so that you get more space on the Fire TV Stick.

  • Open the Settings
  • Continue on Applications
  • Click on Manage installed applications
  • Select the application to uninstall
  • Click on Uninstall

I point out that it is not possible to delete all applications, but only the ones you downloaded.

Reset the Fire TV Stick

If, after the solutions just described, the Fire TV Stick is still slow, or errors appear, you will have to proceed with the factory reset device. This way, all installed apps will be removed, and you will have to initialize the Fire TV Stick again.

  • Open the Settings
  • Continue on My Fire TV
  • Locate the entry Factory information reset
  • Wait for the completion of the procedure

Following these simple tips will get your Fire TV Stick back initially slow it is full of mistakes, again fast and with a fair amount of storage space.