Find Your HTC With HTC Fetch

By | Tuesday, Sep 03 2013 5:47PM
Find Your HTC With HTC Fetch

Find Your HTC With HTC Fetch

One of the most important in creating a successful terminal range is the ecosystem of accessories around, and that’s something that Sony does very well with the Xperia Smart Extras, which expand the possibilities much own smartphone.

Now is HTC who want to add value to their terminals with a range of accessory, HTC Fetch , to be a noble and often desired function, then serve to easily find your device if you have lost or do not know where we left off.

Thus, this small accessory that can be worn along with our keys, a button will be able to activate the ringtone on the phone, to make it much easier to locate if lost.

Obviously, the smartphone and the HTC Fetch will have to be in the range of Bluetooth connectivity , used to bind and has a theoretical range of about 15 meters.

HTC Fetch

The functions of the HTC Fetch make further able to work in reverse , as if we have the smartphone in hand and do not know where we left the keys, we can blow the accessory to locate them.

As if this were not enough, also has location GPS , allowing that if we lose both devices, we can see on a map the last position in which they were synchronized.

At first, although support is expected to expand to more devices through software updates, this accessory is only officially compatible with the new terminal HTC from the One, or what is the same, the very HTC One , HTC One Mini, HTC Desire 601 and HTC Desire 300.