Find out what the Rank or Ranked mode will be like in Plant vs Undead PvP


Rank or Ranked mode

Although Plant vs Undead’s Farm mode is struggling due to the release of Farm 2.6 which is a close-up of Farm 3.0, PvP mode is a different case. The first season of PvP of this game is yet to come and in it, there will be a prize pool of 2 million FPVU, the PvP token. In addition, the Rank or Ranked mode will arrive with the new season and today we will show you everything it will bring.

What will Rank or Ranked mode bring to Plant vs Undead PvP?

Every battle you have in Plant vs Undead PvP Rank mode will affect your level on the game’s leaderboard. In addition, your level in the game leaderboard of the PvP mode of this game will also determine the level of the players you will face.

Playing in the Rank mode of Plant vs Undead PvP will not only allow you to raise or lower your level on the leaderboard. You can also earn ranked titles and badges when you win battles in Ranked mode.

Additionally, playing in Ranked PvP mode will also allow you to earn more shards than in the game’s Normal mode and the chance to earn up to 30,000 FPVUs at the end of the season. Remember that this is how plant burning and rewards are in Normal PvP mode

playing in Ranked PvP mode

You must know that in the Rank mode of the PvP of this game 7 titles are the following:

  • Ancient.
  • Senior
  • Prime.
  • Shoot.
  • Stem.
  • Outbreak.
  • Seed.

Keep in mind that you will move up the leaderboard and improve your title as you win battles in Rank PvP mode.

The first season of the Plant vs Undead PvP ranked mode begins on November 22, 2021, and ends on January 22, 2022. Please note that the duration of the first season of Rank mode may be extended. One reason to extend the duration of the Rank mode season maybe if the game has unexpected bugs and developers need to maintain it.

On the other hand, you should know that to play Rank mode you must have at least one NFT Plant in PvP. Remember that these are the best NFT plants for the PvP mode of Plant vs Undead. In addition, to improve your level in the leaderboard of this game you must enter Rank mode and not Normal mode.

Without a doubt, the Rank or Ranked mode is a good opportunity to win fragments and FPVUs considering that there are 2 million FPVUs that will be available this season. Now you just have to wait for the exit of the first season of PvP mode to start leveling up in a Rank mode and earn FPVU.


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