Final Fantasy IV Pixel Remaster is available for Android

The new Final Fantasy IV in Pixel Remaster version is now available for purchase on the Android system.

In the middle of the year, Square Enix revealed that Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster would bring the first six games to PC and mobile devices, but with improvements in every way.

In late July, Final Fantasy, Final Fantasy II, and Final Fantasy III were released for Android in the Pixel Remaster version.

Pixel Remaster Brings Final Fantasy IV Enhanced to Android

Square Enix announced that Final Fantasy IV Pixel Remaster is available for the Android system, like the other games available, it also brings improvements over the original game.

Final Fantasy IV Pixel Remaster is available for Android

Let’s start with the story of Final Fantasy IV, which tells how Cecil, a dark knight who decides to face the tyranny of the King of Baron, will travel around the world and even to the moon, all to rid the earth of this great evil.

Interestingly, Final Fantasy IV is the first game in the series to bring the dynamic system to battle, which leaves time always active, requiring players to think and quickly perform their actions during combat.

Now let’s go to improvements, Final Fantasy IV Pixel Remaster brings 2D graphics, but they have been updated, bringing more colors, life, and better design in all sectors, especially for the characters.

Final Fantasy IV Pixel Remaster is available for Android

The controls have also been improved, they have improvements in the interface, which is now more modern, optimizations for the touch controls and still brings many options, which includes a feature for automatic battle and more.

The game also has many extras, players can listen to all of the game’s audios, including the soundtrack with new arrangements, but will also have access to galleries with illustrations and the bestiary to check data on all enemies.

As expected, Final Fantasy IV Pixel Remaster is a paid game, has no in-app purchases, is in Portuguese, and is compatible with devices running Android 6.0 or higher.

Final Fantasy IV Pixel Remaster is available for Android

Final Fantasy IV that was previously available is now identified as Final Fantasy IV (old), can no longer be purchased, but can still be installed by whoever purchased the game.

Remembering that the game has a 3D version, its name is Final Fantasy 4 3D Remake and also has a sequel, Final Fantasy 4: After Years, these two titles bet on 3D graphics which brings a new atmosphere to the game.

Buy now from the Google Play store:

Final Fantasy IV Pixel Remaster

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