Farlight 84 Best Characters Attack, Defense, Support, and Scout

Meet the best characters for ramming, defence, and other situations in Farlight 84. Farlight 84 features a total of 14 characters, but knowing which one is the best can be tricky. It all depends on the situation and the team. However, some characters are naturally stronger than others. In Farlight 84, characters are divided into classes: Attack, Defense, Support, and Scout.

Who are the best characters in Farlight 84?

Without further ado, the current best characters in Farlight 84 are:

  • Mk. R – Attack
  • Phantom – Explorer
  • Ceanna – Support
  • Patosyde – Defense

Note: these are the best characters of each class in Farlight 84.

Best Character: Phantom

Best Character: Phantom

I didn’t understand why a lot of people prefer Phantom over Yong until I played solo or on a random team.

Phantom is very versatile for these types of situations, especially when playing on random teams.

The character has an ability that reveals the location of enemies.

His “Ult” is excellent for ending a match, as it allows him to turn invisible for a few seconds.

In the end, he is a character loved by players for being versatile and fitting in well in a number of different situations.

Best Rush Character: MK.R

Best Rush Character: MK.R

The MK.R robot is the best ramming character in Farlight 84 due to its ability to provide unlimited ammo for a few seconds.

As you may know, in Farlight 84, the damage of weapons increases as you get the “Survival Bonus”. Taking out enemies with just one clip can be challenging, especially against an entire team.

The “Unstoppable Fire” ability makes MK.R the perfect character to charge into enemies. With it, you can face a sticky situation if you run out of ammo.

Best Supporting Character: Ceanna

Best Supporting Character: Ceanna

Support is a class that is often underrated in any type of game, but in a team-focused game like Farlight 84, having a good support character is almost essential in any match.

Ceanna is the best support character in Farlight 84. She has some powerful abilities.

One of his main abilities is to send a robot to each team member. This bot not only heals you but can also revive a downed teammate.

In addition, he has the ability to quickly revive team members and create a “restore field”.

Best Defense Character: Patosyde

Best Defense Character: Patosyde

Patosyde or Ducksyde is the best defense character in Farlight 84.

This chubby duck may have a large hit area, but it makes up for it with a very powerful ability: a strong shield that can be decisive in many games.

Her “Ult” takes a long time to charge up, but once ready, it becomes a big problem for opponents. The reason is simple: it is a mobile shield that can withstand many shots and can be used in any situation.

dangerous combinations

Yeah, I know all of these characters are paid (or take a long time to unlock), and you wanted advice on more accessible characters.

These are the best characters for beginners:

  • ember
  • Maggie
  • Yong
  • Lucinda

Brasa and Lucinda can make an interesting late-game combination. Embers can summon that dark ball that hides your location, while Lucinda can use her Ult to deal damage to enemies without them knowing what’s happening.

Yong is a good scout and also has a springboard like Sunil. Combined with Phantom, the team becomes very dynamic, as their “Ult” is a drone that can fly far and locate enemies from a distance.

Maggie is a typical standard character and her advantage is her ability to throw 3 grenades, which is great for surrounding enemies in a house for example.

The worst characters in Farlight 84 are Momoi and Captain. They don’t have statistics

bad; they just don’t fit most of the teams and game modes that many people want to play.

The resources that Momoi brings with his delivery are pretty average and can be easily found in the environment. Captain, on the other hand, has a very mediocre “Ult” with a freezing blast that is fun but can lose multiple games.

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