Error 1935 what it means and how to solve it e1577740436282 1

Don’t let Windows stop you from installing apps and programs. The Windows 1935 error is actually a fairly generic error code that covers a number of possible problems, but they all fall into the same category.

When the error 1935 of Windows is displayed during the installation of an application on the computer, one or more requirements for the execution of the application means that they were not usable. The application installation program or Windows itself has recognized the problem that prevents the application from installing and working properly and has stopped the installation.


What causes the 1935 error?

There is no cause for the 1935 error. There are several system components that many programs rely on to run in Windows. If one of these components is defective, missing, or obsolete, it is likely to display error in 1935. You may also encounter the error when an installer attempts to install a component or version of one that is already in conflict with a program on your system.

How to resolve the error 1935

1. If the update did not resolve the problem, try to resolve it. The Microsoft .NET framework is used by many programs and if there is a problem with it, there is a good chance that the problem will also have an impact on your other application.

  • Right-click at the bottom left of the screen, select Run, to type appwiz.cpl in the command box, then press Submit.
  • From the list, select Microsoft .NET Framework client profile, then select Uninstall / Change > Restore .NET Framework > Come on.
  • At the end of the repair utility, select end.

This is not necessary on Windows 10 since .NET is inserted into the operating system.

3. Sometimes, especially with older applications, you will need to work in Windows compatibility mode. Try running your installer in compatibility mode to see if the 1935 error comes from a compatibility problem.

4. It is possible that the installation program for Windows modules is not running on your system. Since it manages the installation of system modules from applications, without it is running, it is likely that the essential components will not be installed.

  • Restart Run by pressing Windows + R, to type services.msc in the box, then press Submit. A window will open listing all the services available on the system. Right-click on Windows Modules Installer, then select Start from the resulting menu.

5. Finally, there may be a problem with the Windows registry. You can manually remove these incorrect entries to bring Windows back into operation.

  • Start Run with Windows + R, then enters and run Regedit. Pass to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE> SOFTWARE> Microsoft using the left pane of the window. Locate Office, remove Office Software Protection Platform, restart your computer, then try installing again.