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Elden Ring Fringefolk Hero Tomb Tour

Fringefolk Hero’s Grave is a mini-dungeon in Elden Ring. The dungeon is located in the Limgrave region of Elden Ring, and it contains a good amount of loot, such as Golden Runes, Golden Seed, and Dragonwound Grease.

It’s also one of the first dungeons players can try in the game. The following Fringefolk Hero’s Tomb walkthrough will help you locate and complete the dungeon in Elden Ring.

Elden Ring Fringefolk

How to get to the Fringefolk hero’s grave in Elden Ring

To get to the dungeon, you need to have the Stonesword keys. The keys are found in multiple locations, but you can find them at Grace’s Stranded Graveyard.

In the starting area, you will find an Imp Seal asking for two Stonesword Keys. Give them to him, and he will open the fog wall, allowing you to climb the ladder to enter the dungeon.

Elden Ring Fringefolk Hero Tomb Tour

Upon descending the ladder, you’ll find yourself on a hazardous, poison-filled surface. Act quickly and move to a safe zone to avoid substantial damage. Your optimal tactic is to roll into the hallway on your right immediately.

Once inside this hallway, you’ll spot a giant, roaming cart. The cart maintains a consistent movement pattern throughout your dungeon exploration. Avoid its path at all costs, as one direct hit spells instant death.

Your aim here is to strategically dart between the wall niches alongside the inclined pathway as the cart travels up and down.


Watch out for the lurking enemies scattered around within the second set of niches. Evade them by moving down, then right, and then sprinting uphill towards a recess, timing it exactly when the cart switches tracks. Tcoachart will likely catch up to you if you’re too slow.

Outpacing the cart by mere running is futile. Instead, roll along the edge of the lower niches on the first slope’s right-hand side to evade the cart. Here, a corpse bearing five golden runes awaits.

At the second slope’s base, veer left where two paths unraveled. The first is a rising slope to the right, while the other is descending to the left. Opt for the ascending slope, then dash into the recesses or around the corner as needed. Use each niche for cover.

At the summit, anticipate a ghostly enemy concealed within a tunnel. Though not a boss, this enemy’s hostility poses a threat. Your best defense is to evade its critical hits by dodging and rolling from behind post-strike.

Engaging in direct combat may not be wise. Alternatively, coerce him into the hallway and orchestrate for the cart to crush him. Be sure to dodge the incoming coach yourself. Upon defeating the ghost, you’ll acquire the Dragon Communion Seal. A dragon wound-oiled corpse also lies nearby.

Retrace your steps back up the slope to the left of the path divergence. Here, you’ll cross paths with two spirits, one armed with a sword and shield, the other with a crossbow tucked away in the first right-hand alcove.

A corpse sliding down the left slope carries a Grave Glovewort. As you continue, brace yourself for the four emerging spirits. Weave through them and turn right at the bottom, where a foggy blockade awaits.

How to defeat the ulcerated tree spirit

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Despite the dungeon’s somewhat deceptive early accessibility, the Ulcerated Tree Spirit is a daunting adversary due to its fierce, elegant, and intimidating demeanor. Its attacks come swiftly and ferociously, making sideward positioning a critical tactical approach.


Several attack patterns dominate the boss’s offensive repertoire. Among these is a menacing fire-breathing maneuver that crafts a fiery trail across the arena. An equally daunting pursuit-style attack has the boss snatch you from behind, holding you in its gaping maw before releasing a torrent of flames.

Extreme vigilance is advised when the spirit emits a luminous aura, a precursor to a powerful explosion. To safeguard yourself from extensive damage, retreat to a safe distance as soon as you observe this animation.


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