Download Vivo Phone Assistant Latest Versions

Download Vivo Phone Assistant Latest Versions

Download Vivo Phone Assistant Latest Versions

Vivo Phone Assistant

Download Vivo Phone Assistant’s Latest Versions.

Features of Vivo Phone Assistant

App Manager

It makes it simple to install third-party apps on your Vivo Smartphones and Tablets. It also allows you to uninstall existing apps from the device, export apps from your device to your computer, and move apps to the SD card. Furthermore, you can view detailed information about the installed apps, such as the package name, version code, installed time, and permissions.

Picture Manager


You can easily transfer photos from your computer to your smartphone or tablet using Vivo’s synchronization technology without the use of cables. It also lets you select multiple photos and delete them all at once, play photos as a slide show, and easily export photos from the device to the computer.

Contacts Manager

The ability to manage contacts from a computer is a valuable tool for anyone who wants to be organized. You can quickly add multiple entries, export contacts, and delete them with a single click.

Messages Manager


It gives you the ability to read the Messages that are already stored on the device, select multiple messages at once, and delete all of those selected messages with a single click. Users who are attempting to clear out some space on their device’s storage will find this feature to be especially helpful. Additionally, you have the ability to write brand-new messages and send them to the recipient.

Calendar Management

With a few clicks, you can add new activities and events to any given date in the calendar. This makes it easy to keep track of important dates, plan for upcoming events and keep on top of daily responsibilities

Data Sync


It also allows you to Sync data between the Vivo device and Windows Outlook. Your Computer should have outlook installed in order to use this feature.

Download Vivo PC Suite (Vivo Assistant) Latest Version:

File Name Vivo_PC_Suite_v3.0.2.9
File Size 41MB
File Type Zip
Download Medium Mediafire

Download Vivo PC Suite

Other Versions:

How to use Vivo PC Suite

After installing the software, you can use it to connect your Vivo phone to your computer via a USB cable and then manage all the data on your phone such as contacts, messages, applications, multimedia files, and more.

  • First, download & install the Vivo USB Driver on your computer.
  • Open Settings on your Vivo phone and go to About Phone.
  • Tap 7 times on Build Number to enable Developer Options.
  • Now go back to Settings and then go to Developer Options.

How to use Vivo PC Suite

  • Look for the USB Debugging option and enable it.
  • Connect your phone to your PC using a USB cable.
  • Open the Vivo PC Suite (Vivo Mobile Assistant) on your computer.

Download Vivo Phone Assistant Latest Versions

  • The Vivo PC Suite will detect your phone. It will prompt for USB Debugging on your phone, so allow it.
  • Now the tool will show all the files of your phone, which you can manage from the tool. You can also create a backup in the tool.

With the aid of this comprehensive guide, anyone can easily install and operate the Vivo PC Suite on their system. Because it is an official tool, you should not be concerned about your safety when using it. You can check out the full list of supported Vivo Phones down below.

Vivo PC Suite Supported Device:

  • iQOO 3
  • iQOO 5 5G
  • iQOO 7
  • iQOO 8
  • iQOO 8 Pro
  • iQOO 9
  • iQOO 9 Pro
  • iQOO Neo3 5G
  • iQOO Neo5
  • iQOO Neo5 Lite
  • iQOO Neo5 S
  • iQOO U1
  • iQOO U3x
  • iQOO U5
  • iQOO Z1
  • iQOO Z1X
  • iQOO Z3
  • iQOO Z5
  • iQOO Z5x
  • Vivo Nex
  • Vivo Nex A
  • Vivo Nex S
  • Vivo Nex Dual Display
  • Vivo Nex 3
  • Vivo S1
  • Vivo S1 Pro
  • Vivo S7
  • Vivo S9
  • Vivo S10 Pro
  • Vivo S10e
  • Vivo S12
  • Vivo S12 Pro
  • Vivo T1
  • Vivo T1x
  • Vivo U10
  • Vivo V1
  • Vivo V5
  • Vivo V5s
  • Vivo V5s Plus
  • Vivo V7
  • Vivo V7+
  • Vivo V9
  • Vivo V9 Youth
  • Vivo V9 Pro
  • Vivo V11
  • Vivo V11 Pro
  • Vivo V15
  • Vivo V15 Pro
  • Vivo V17
  • Vivo V17 Neo
  • Vivo V17 Pro
  • Vivo V19
  • Vivo V19 Neo
  • Vivo V20
  • Vivo V20 Pro
  • Vivo V21
  • Vivo V21e
  • Vivo V23 5G
  • Vivo V23 Pro
  • Vivo V23e
  • Vivo X5
  • Vivo X5 Pro
  • Vivo X6
  • Vivo X6 Plus
  • Vivo X6s
  • Vivo X7
  • Vivo X7 Plus
  • Vivo X9
  • Vivo X9 Plus
  • Vivo X9s
  • Vivo X20
  • Vivo X20 Plus
  • Vivo X21
  • Vivo X23
  • Vivo X27
  • Vivo X27 Pro
  • Vivo X30 Pro
  • Vivo X50
  • Vivo X50 Pro
  • Vivo X51 5G
  • Vivo X60 5G
  • Vivo X60 Pro
  • Vivo X60s
  • Vivo X60t
  • Vivo X70
  • Vivo X70 Pro
  • Vivo X70 Pro+
  • Vivo Y3s
  • Vivo Y5
  • Vivo Y11
  • Vivo Y12
  • Vivo Y12a
  • Vivo Y12s
  • Vivo Y15
  • Vivo Y15a
  • Vivo Y15s
  • Vivo Y17
  • Vivo Y20
  • Vivo Y20t
  • Vivo Y21
  • Vivo Y21a
  • Vivo Y21e
  • Vivo Y21L
  • Vivo Y21s
  • Vivo Y21t
  • Vivo Y22
  • Vivo Y25
  • Vivo Y27
  • Vivo Y28
  • Vivo Y30
  • Vivo Y31
  • Vivo Y31L
  • Vivo Y32
  • Vivo Y33
  • Vivo Y33s
  • Vivo Y33t
  • Vivo Y35
  • Vivo Y37
  • Vivo Y50
  • Vivo Y50t
  • Vivo Y51
  • Vivo Y51L
  • Vivo Y52
  • Vivo Y52s
  • Vivo Y53
  • Vivo Y53i
  • Vivo Y53s
  • Vivo Y54s
  • Vivo Y55 5G
  • Vivo Y55L
  • Vivo Y55s
  • Vivo Y65
  • Vivo Y66
  • Vivo Y67
  • Vivo Y69
  • Vivo Y70
  • Vivo Y70t
  • Vivo Y71
  • Vivo Y71i
  • Vivo Y71t
  • Vivo Y72
  • Vivo Y73
  • Vivo Y73s
  • Vivo Y74s
  • Vivo Y75
  • Vivo Y76
  • Vivo Y76s
  • Vivo Y81
  • Vivo Y81i
  • Vivo Y83
  • Vivo Y83 Pro
  • Vivo Y89
  • Vivo Y90
  • Vivo Y91
  • Vivo Y91i
  • Vivo Y93
  • Vivo Y93s
  • Vivo Y95
  • Vivo Y97
  • Vivo Z1
  • Vivo Z1 Pro
  • Vivo Z1 Lite
  • Vivo Z1i
  • Vivo Z1x
  • Vivo Z3
  • Vivo Z3i
  • Vivo Z3x
  • Vivo Z5
  • Vivo Z5x
  • Vivo Z6 5G

It’s an official tool that you can use without worrying about security. All Vivo Phones are supported, as you can see from the list below. Regardless, it is always recommended to use the latest version of Vivo PC Suite for the best compatibility with all Vivo phones.

Still, do you have any questions? Let’s check out the FAQ!


How do I connect my Vivo phone to my PC?

The Vivo PC Suite and Vivo Mobile Assistant are tools that allow you to easily manage data stored on your Vivo Phone and to conveniently synchronize data between your phone and computer or laptop. It let you access Images, Videos, Documents, Contacts, Messages, and more.

What is Vivo PC Suite?

Through the Vivo PC Suite, you can manage and transfer data between your Vivo phone and computer, back up and restore your data, keep track of your phone’s system updates, and more It is also known as Vivo Mobile Assistant. Vivo PC Suite is an official tool developed by Vivo.

How to transfer files from my Vivo phone to my computer?

You can use the Vivo PC Suite on your computer to move files like images, videos, audio, documents, compressed files, messages, and contacts. It is a small tool that works with all of the most recent smartphones.

Is Vivo PC Suite available for Windows 10?

Yes, the Vivo PC Suite is available for Windows, and it works with Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, and Windows XP. Both 32-bit and 64-bit computers can run the tool.


Is Vivo PC Suite work for Vivo V9?

Yes, it works for Vivo V9 and other Vivo devices such as Vivo V5, Vivo V5s, Vivo Y51, Vivo Y21, Vivo Y95, Vivo V3, Vivo Y11, Vivo Y55, Vivo Y55s, Vivo Y66, and other Vivo phones.

If you still have questions, you can let us know in the comments. We will come up with the best answer.

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