MIUI 12 Wallpapers


Every time a major mobile is released, or a relevant update arrives at the operating system, manufacturers include some small gifts in the software. An example of this is the Easter eggs in the form of mini-games that Google leaves in each new version of Android.

However, the most common are the new wallpapers. We have already seen all the news of MIUI 12, the Xiaomi customization layer, and now we have its fabulous wallpapers. Do you love them? Find them in this article.

MIUI 12 wallpapers are here

Among so many innovations of MIUI 12, Xiaomi let strain something that is not so relevant, but visually it is a delight. We are talking about their new wallpapers, a collection of 29 images in Full HD + resolution each, which can be used on any mobile.

They are divided into 6 different categories, including natural textures, geometric shapes, nebulae, minimalist settings, black and white images, and the planet Mars. Each of them is better than the previous one, and you can have them just by downloading this file and unzipping it in your mobile’s storage.

MIUI 12 super live wallpapers can also be yours

It turns out that MIUI 12 does not only bring static backgrounds but also releases a new functionality for animated backgrounds. Xiaomi baptized it as “Super wallpapers”, and they are animated backgrounds of Earth and MarsBut haven’t animated funds been around for a long time? Not like these.

It turns out that the new MIUI 12 live wallpapers have two modes, depending on the theme you are using. If you have the clear mode active, you will get a specific animation; On the other hand, when activating the dark mode, the backgrounds will be dimmed as if it were night, and they will also have another animation.

In addition, the new MIUI 12 animated backgrounds feature an extra lock screen animation. When your mobile is locked, a distant (and animated) perspective of the planet you chose will appear. Upon unlocking, a transition animation will take place that takes you from space to the interior of the planet, right where the animated desktop background has previously been. How do you download and install them? Simple:

  1. Download the APK of the live wallpapers, this link for Mars, and this for planet Earth.
  2. Run the APK from your mobile browser (if you downloaded it there), or the file explorer.
  3. Confirm the installation, and if necessary grant permissions from unknown sources.
  4. Enjoy.