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NBA 2K Android Playgrounds
NBA 2K Playgrounds It is a saga of video games that reached the consoles in 2017, and has reaped a success comparable to that of NBA JAM of Electronics Arts. Thanks to this, the brand is getting closer to reaching its mobile version for Android, through the free-to-play model. After the recent arrival of NBA 2K20 for Android.

The game was published in the list of upcoming releases, and from now on the APK download In certain regions. The purpose of this decision is that some players prove it and give their opinion, as well as help developers polish bugs. A whole strategy to surely strain is among the best sports games of 2019.

A basketball game different from the rest

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NBA 2K Playgrounds is a game where few things are governed by the traditional rules of this sport. Its main feature is the caricaturing of the most famous characters in the NBA. This, together with a 2 vs 2 game format, and very crazy parties, make Playgrounds a video game to spend hours of fun and laughter.

The game will offer an arcade experience very similar to that of the NBA JAM series of Electronics Arts. By betting on the free-to-play format, you will not be able to use any character from the beginning. On the contrary, you will have to unlock them, and also improve, as you progress through the game.

Further, microtransactions will be present at the party, with in-app purchases ranging from € 0.99 to € 99.99. This further distances NBA 2K Playgrounds from NBA JAM, as the latter is a fully paid game, with no extra purchases.

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The game includes a wide variety of special skills According to the chosen character. The idea will not be that you win matches only, but that you score facing the world leaderboard to win prizes. In addition to daily / weekly events that will allow you to win one or another extra prize.

As NBA 2K Playgrounds can be considered a sudden appearance on the radar of new games, we do not know more details about it, beyond those mentioned. However, we know that the availability of the beta will be limited to only some regions, although this should indicate an imminent launch in the coming weeks.

In short, the pre-registration list to the beta will be available in the Play Store. But as we are obsessed with bringing you the scoop of everything that happens in the Android world, we have achieved the APK of NBA 2K Playgrounds, Y We have it available for download!

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