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Rockchip Driver Assistant: RK Driver Assistant is a tool developed by Rockchip to help install drivers on Windows operating systems. RK Driver Assistant allows users to quickly and easily install the correct Rockchip drivers on their Windows machines. All available updates of Rockchip Driver Assistant are displayed here for your comfort.

Features of Rockchip Driver Assistant


This driver utility is easy to use and eliminates the hassle of manually searching for and installing the correct driver. The drivers will be automatically installed for you. Just follow the on-screen prompts and the drivers will be installed in no time.

Install Correct Drivers

With the Rockchip Driver Assistant, users can rest assured that their Windows x32 Bit or Windows x64 Bit Computer will be equipped with the most up-to-date driver package. it is compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, and 10. Although the Rockchip Driver Assistant is an incredibly useful tool for Windows users, it does not extend its reach to those running Mac or Linux computers

Supports Rockchip Devices

It’s a great choice for devices that use RockChip Chipsets like the RK29 (RK2918), RK30 (RK3066), or RK31 (RK3188). It can be flashed with stock firmware using the RockChip Batch Tool, which is also fully compatible with the device. Additionally, the IMEI on RockChip devices can be set up with the same driver.


Download Rockchip Driver Assistant

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