RockChip Batch Tool

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RockChip Batch Tool Flash Stock Firmware

All RK29, RK30, and RK31 Chipset Devices can have their stock firmware flashed with this tool. To load the firmware into the RockChip Tool, simply start the program. Flashing can begin once you’ve added the firmware, connected the device to the computer, and clicked the Upgrade or Restore button in RockChip Tool. For the duration of the flashing process which could be several minutes—keep the device plugged in and let the software do its thing.

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Easy Interface

RockChip Tool has a fairly simple user interface. It is designed for people with minimal technical knowledge to use and provides a straightforward way to manage tasks like rooting, flashing ROMs, and restoring stock firmware. Once the firmware has been loaded into the tool, you will be able to access the most basic details about it, including the firmware version, firmware time, support chip, boot version, and boot time.

Multiple Upgrade

Multiple devices can be upgraded or flashed at once. This makes firmware or other software updates much faster and more efficient. RockChip automatically recognizes multiple devices after you load them into your computer. A single command can then be used to flash or upgrade all of the devices at once, once they have been discovered. To upgrade a lot of features at once, select Upgrade or Restore and click the corresponding button.

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