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Qualcomm FRP Tool – Latest FRP/Pattern Remove Tool

Qualcomm Unlock Tool is a free Windows FRP/Pattern Remove Tool developed by Gautam that is designed to remove FRP/Pattern lock on devices powered by Qualcomm Chipset. The Qualcomm Unlock Tool is a convenient and reliable way to remove FRP/Pattern lock from devices powered by Qualcomm Chipset.

If you want a tool to format and erase the FRP lock on your Qualcomm-Powered Android phone, download the Qualcomm Unlock Tool’s latest version on your PC from the below URL, and then follow our step-by-step instructions.

Gautam’s Qualcomm Service Tool is a powerful tool that allows users to configure their device boot settings, reset factory settings, back up or restore EFS data, erase user data/cache, remove FRP and MI Account protection quickly


How to use Qualcomm FRP User lock Remove Tool:

The procedure is quite simple. After running the Qualcomm FRP User lock Remove Tool on your computer, you need to Power off and connect your phone to the PC in EDL Mode. Once you have connected your phone to the PC in EDL Mode and selected the Format Phone or Erase FRP Lock option on the tool, it will take only a few minutes for it to complete the procedure.

Click to download: Qualcomm FRP Reset Tool

  • Download & extract the Qualcomm Unlock tool on your computer
  • Run “Gautam’sQualcommUnlock.exe” as Admin
  • Wait for a few seconds to launch the program on your PC
  • Now Power Off your MTK phone
  • Put your phone into the EDL Mode and connect the USB
  • (Now your phone boot into the EDL Mode)
  • Go back to the tool
  • You will get the below-listed options
  • Boot Configuration:
  • Brand
  • Model
  • Storage
  • System Info
  • Identify

Qualcomm FRP Tool

Services Options

    • Remove FRP
    • Remove Mi Account
    • Patch Mi Account
    • Reset EFS
    • Backup EFS
    • Restore EFS
    • Erase Userdata/cache
    • Execute

Flash Tool

    • Select File Path
    • Backup EFS
    • Skip Security Partition
    • Reboot After Flash
    • Flash Now
  • That’s it.

You now understand what the Qualcomm FRP tool is and how to download and install it. Remember, always carry two google accounts on your device. Using two google accounts will provide additional security as the Qualcomm FRP tool requires a verified Google account to work

When you forget your password and username for your Qualcomm FRP Tool, another account can help you unlock your FRP from smartphones or tablets.

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