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A cloud-based service called Windows 365 enables customers to build and manage PCs from a distance. It was unveiled the previous year. Microsoft has diligently worked to enhance the functionality of Windows 365. Microsoft released a number of new features for the cloud OS last month. The cloud-based Windows OS gets a few new wallpapers in addition to the new features, and the greatest news is that you can now download them on your Windows 11 PC as well.

Windows 365

The majority of organizations that use Citrix to access cloud PCs utilize Windows 365 Cloud PCs. However, Microsoft intends to send it straight to Windows 11 customers. From their Windows 11 PC, users will be able to access allocated, self-configured, or self-hosted cloud PCs. Users will be able to boot immediately into the Windows 365 cloud PC without first booting into the local Windows 11 operating system, which is one of the nicest advantages that will come with integration.

The progress will be transferred to the cloud PC once the connection is restored. And if it becomes disconnected, it will provide you the choice to use it offline. Additionally, Microsoft will incorporate a Microsoft 365 option in the Task View, allowing you to quickly switch between Windows 11 and Cloud PC from there. Yes, it implies you may switch between them with motions. Let’s go to the area with the wallpapers now.

Windows 365 Wallpapers

Microsoft included a tonne of gorgeous wallpapers with both Windows 11 and Windows 365. In comparison to Windows 365, which comes with five built-in wallpapers, Windows 11 comes with more than 30 wallpaper options by default. Thanks to Reddit user (u/Wallpapers8k) for releasing these wallpapers in 4K quality, the new update now adds 18 additional wallpapers to the cloud-based Windows OS. The collection includes many wallpapers that are abstract, minimalist, and gradient.

The well-known Windows 11 bloom wallpaper is expanded in the Windows 365 wallpaper collection. Yes, you can use the new bloom-style wallpapers in the collection on your computer or tablet. If you’re familiar with image quality, you should know that these wallpapers come at a resolution of 2160 x 3840 pixels. Check out the preview area below to see the wallpapers before you download them.

Note: The wallpaper preview images below are merely for illustration purposes. Don’t download from photos because the preview is not of the original quality. Please use the download link provided in the section below.


Get the wallpapers for Windows 365.

Use the links below to download the new wallpapers to your smartphone, tablet, or PC if you like them and wish to use them there. As was already noted, all wallpapers are available in high resolution, which is obviously crucial, particularly if you plan to use them as the background on devices with large displays. All wallpapers are available for download from the PhoneWalls app, Google Drive, and Telegram.


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