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Lenovo Downloader Tool

Want to install Lenovo’s stock firmware on your Lenovo device? Absolutely! Flashing Lenovo stock firmware on your Lenovo phones is a great way to ensure you have the most up-to-date and secure software available. Lenovo’s Qualcomm and MediaTek phones have always been extremely popular.


The Lenovo Downloader Tool helps you to easily restore your phone’s stock firmware if it has become corrupted or bricked. It is a compact Flash tool with a simple user interface. To flash the firmware on any phone, a flash tool, firmware file, and drivers are required. The Lenovo Downloader Tool provides all these elements in one single package, making it much easier to restore your phone’s firmware. Read the full guide and tutorial to learn how to use the Lenovo Flash Tool.

Flashing firmware is a great way to get the latest updates for your phone and can be especially helpful if you’ve encountered issues such as boot loops or a bricked device. This same principle applies to Lenovo smartphones. The Lenovo Flash Tool is useful if you have bricked your Lenovo smartphone. Download the latest versions of the Lenovo Downloader Tool to flash Lenovo phone firmware.

Download Lenovo Flash Tool (Lenovo Downloader Tool)

The Lenovo flash tool is compatible with devices such as the Lenovo A6000, Lenovo A6000 Plus, Lenovo A6010, Lenovo A6020a40, Lenovo A2020a40, Lenovo A1000, Lenovo A319, and Lenovo A536. Below are the two main versions of flash tools for Lenovo smartphones. You can download the most recent version, and if it does not work for you, then you can try the previous build.

Lenovo Flash Tool v1.0.3:

File Name Lenovo_Downloader_v1.0.3
File Size 2.32 MB
File Type Zip
Download Medium MediaFire

Lenovo Flash Tool v1.0.2:

File Name Lenovo_Downloader_v1.0.2
File Size 3.36 MB
File Type Zip
Download Medium MediaFire

Lenovo Downloader Tool Features

Flash Stock firmware: You can use the tool to flash stock firmware on Lenovo phones with Qualcomm chipsets. It works with other Qualcomm devices as well.

Simple and lightweight tool: It is lightweight and very fast to use, which makes it ideal for people who need to quickly flash their phones

Multiple Download Mode: Different download choices, including “Erase Download,” “Upgrade,” “Clear Data,” and “Erase All,” are available in the tool. Each one serves a special purpose and allows users to take a specific action.

Support for Other Devices: The tool works with any Qualcomm-powered phone, not just those made by Lenovo. The tool is an excellent choice for users looking to download, upgrade, and clear data on their devices

How to Use Lenovo Downloader Tool (Lenovo Flash Tool)

To flash your Lenovo phone, you’ll need the Lenovo Flash Tool, the stock firmware file, and the Lenovo drivers and Qualcomm USB drivers installed on your computer. When finished, proceed with the steps to install the stock firmware.

  1. Download the Lenovo Downloader Tool.Zip and extract the file.
  2. Open the QcomDLoader.exe.
  3. Click on Load Icon and load the firmware folder you want to Install.
  4. Now click on Settings and select the preferred Download Mode.
  5. Check the “Validate Downloaded ROM” in the Download settings.
  6. And click OK.
  7. Click on the Start button.
  8. Turn off your phone Press Vol up/Vol down and connect via USB.
  9. The download progress will begin, track the progress in the Progress bar.
  10. After the success message, you can remove the USB and Restart the Phone.

With the help of this simple guide, you now have all the information needed to flash the firmware on your Qualcomm phone. I really think this manual will be useful. Feel free to leave questions or feedback about the tool below.


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