Download iOS 14 Wallpaper Free

iOS 14 wallpaper

Download the iOS 14 wallpaper in high definition. Here’s how and where to download iOS 14 wallpapers for any device, smartphone, tablet, iPhoneAndroid

IOS 14 wallpaper

Are you looking for all the original wallpapers introduced by Apple with iOS 14? Do you want to personalize your computer using the wallpapers of the iOS 14 operating system?

No problem!


You can download the backgrounds for free by CLICKING HERE.


Just one click is enough to download the complete package of the new wallpapers and wallpapers that Apple has presented with its new operating system for iPhone, iPod, and iPad

Download iOS 14 Wallpapers

As you can see, the package includes all the new wallpapers of the operating system just presented by Apple.

In particular, in the zipped file you will find:

  • Total Wallpapers: 6 Wallpapers
  • Resolution: 1420 x 3073 Pixels
  • File Size:  23.3 MB

Preview wallpapers

Here is a small preview of the backgrounds that you will find in the package:

Preview wallpapers

Let us know which one you prefer among the new wallpapers of the latest version of the Apple operating system.