Download Instagram Lite on your mobile occupying 2 MB and with Reels

Instagram Lite

In mid-December of last year, Instagram relaunched Instagram Lite, a much lighter version of the popular photography social network that is geared toward use on low-resource phones.

Little by little they have been implementing improvements to Instagram Lite, which now even has Instagram Reels. And now we can finally download the app officially through Google Play.

You can now download Instagram Lite on your mobile

It should be remembered that Instagram Lite was first launched in India, and the only way to use this decaffeinated and lighter version was by downloading the APK. But now, as XDA Developers colleagues collect, Facebook has kept its word.

More than anything because, at the time they announced that their app would reach other world markets, and you can now download Instagram Lite in more than 170 countries. To say that it weighs only 2 MB, a joke compared to the 30 MB offered by the official application, although it obviously has a series of limitations.

Actually, the main advantage of Instagram Lite is its lightness, since it takes up much less space on our phone, in addition to working very well in places with limited Internet access. Of course, in return, you will find a simpler interface, and without animations. Augmented reality filters are also lost, so you have to be very clear about the advantages and disadvantages of this application.

As for the launch, we know that it has reached more than 170 countries, so we can assume that it will also reach Spain. We have tried to download Instagram Lite through Google Play and, for now, it continues to indicate that none of our devices is compatible.

Surely in the next few days, the application will already be fully available in the Google application store, but if you don’t want to wait any longer, you can always download the APK of Instagram Lite and test if this decaffeinated version of Instagram is worth it. Anyway, we leave you the link so you can download Instagram Lite also through Google Play (when available).

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