Download Galaxy S23 Wallpapers (High Resolution)

It may still be a bit until February 1, the date on which the new Samsung Galaxy S23 will be launched. However, this has not been an impediment for many details of these mobiles to leak ahead of time. We already know the design of the Galaxy S23, S23+, and S23 Ultra, also the screen of the latter, and several other specifications of the entire series.

We also know that One UI 5.1 should arrive with them, but what brings us here today is something else. The Samsung Galaxy S23 wallpapers have been leaked and you can now download them in high resolution to enjoy them on any mobile.

Personalize your mobile with the wallpapers of the new Galaxy S23

Galaxy S23 Wallpapers

While the backgrounds of the Galaxy S22 opted for clouds of dust, the official wallpapers of the Galaxy S23 return to geometric shapes. This decision goes hand in hand with the minimalism that Samsung wants to implement in its new devices, so we are not surprised.

The wallpapers of the Galaxy S23 will be four in total, each of them inspired by one of the colors of the case. The common ground? Its design shows us a sphere that will undoubtedly remind you of some stars in our solar system.

They are certainly eye-catching, while at the same time providing a lot of peace of mind, an ideal combination to use on your mobile. Any additional details? Although Samsung will never accept it, they have a certain resemblance to the iPhone 14 wallpapers.

Do you want to use them on your mobile? Then talk no more, because the four backgrounds you see in the image above have been filtered in high resolution and can be used on any phone. We leave you the link below so you can download them and give a new personalization touch to your smartphone:

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