Download Android 13 Stable for Pixel Phones

Download Android 13 Stable for Pixel Phones

The first developer previews for Android 13 came out in February of this year. Before the public beta, a further developer preview was released. Before the stable update, Android 13 had four major public betas. The official Android 13 version is now stable. The Pixel 4 and subsequent Pixel phones will receive the stable Android 13 upgrade, according to Google. If your Pixel phone is compatible, To avoid waiting, you can download the factory and OTA images for Android 13.

Along with a new photo picker, Android 13 is mostly focused on security and privacy enhancements (which will eventually be available to devices running Android 11 and newer). Improvements include the new Material UI designs, the option to change any app’s language, and even themed icons that adapt to the system’s choice of dark or bright mode.

 Android 13 Stable

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The second developer preview includes several modifications on the developer side as well as notification authorization requirements. Speaking of the first beta, it launches with upgrades over developer preview releases, better error reporting in Keystore and KeyMint, anticipated audio routing, and more granular permissions for media file access.

These are simply some early information about Android 13. However, let’s look at the third beta downloads that are currently accessible if you’re excited to try and view the new developments in Android 13.

Download Android 13 for Pixel Phones

The best thing about having an Android device, and especially a Google Pixel device, is that you can easily get developer preview builds that can be sideloaded to your compatible device.

The developer previews are the first non-stable and early releases of Android 13. Two months after the release of the developer preview, the beta version of Android 13 is currently being distributed progressively. Finally, the stable OS version will be made available worldwide with four beta versions later. Finally, Android 13 is stable.

Here are some things you should make before you start downloading Android 13.

  • Create a backup of all the data on your smartphone and store it on your PC or a cloud storage service like Google Drive.
  • When you sideload the developer preview, all of your data will be lost.
  • The builds listed below are all unstable. There are minor and severe bugs.
  • Keep a copy of your device’s most recent stable Android version on hand. If things don’t work out, you might have to go back to it.
  • Only Google Pixel devices, including the Pixel 6 Pro, are eligible for beta testing, starting with the Pixel 4 model.

Download Android 13 Stable

Device Factory Image OTA Image
Pixel 4 Download Download
Pixel 4 XL Download Download
Pixel 4a Download Download
Pixel 4a 5G Download Download
Pixel 5 Download Download
Pixel 5a Download Download
Pixel 6 Download Download
Pixel 6 Pro Download Download
Pixel 6a Download Download
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You can follow our instructions to sideload stable Android 13 onto your Google Pixel device once you have downloaded the correct developer preview for your device.

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