ProCam X

Are you looking for a serious alternative to GCam for your Android mobile? Look no further, the ProCam X is the app to downloadWith some functions similar to the Google camera, this alternative has been established as an option to consider.

At first glance, it looks like just another camera, but the reality is very different. Although it is somewhat “common”, the functions that it has make it a camera for Android that works very wellIn short, it is the ideal app for those users who cannot install GCam and who need a similar alternative.


This is the ProCam X, a camera that stands out for its functions

When downloading the ProCam X, we noticed that its strong point is the interface. It is simple, clear and at the same time allows access to all its functions directly. This is something that does not happen with other camera applications for Android, since many of these functions are hidden.

In addition, it is one of the few camera applications that make use of all the sensors of the terminalwhat does this mean? That the functions that the ProCam X has been adapted to the sensors of the phone so that the final result of the photos and videos captured is excellent.

Some of the functions and features that can be found in this camera are those that we mention below:

  • Change the resolution of photos and videos.
  • It has a function in which you can change the format of the photos (JPG or RAW).
  • It offers 4 types of JPG image quality: 90%, 95%, 99%, and 100%.
  • It has a function that shows if the camera is centered.
  • It has a function called “anti-shake”, which prevents photos and videos from registering the vibration of our hands when capturing an image or video.
  • It allows adding the location of the place where we take the video or photo.
  • It integrates a function that allows the face of a person to be detected automatically.
  • The camera allows you to take HDR-type photos.
  • Allows you to mute the phone’s microphone when recording a video.
  • Provides the ability to change where photos and videos are stored (internal or external storage).
  • The camera allows you to change the Bitrate when capturing a video (image quality of the videos).
  • Allows you to record videos in slow motion or fast motion.

We tested the ProCam X, a very interesting alternative to GCam

You don’t have to meet many requirements (unlike GCam) to download and install ProCam X on your phone or tablet. If you have Android 5.0 or higher, as well as 4 MB of free space, you can use this app without any problem.

Of course, not all of it is good news, as the ProCam X has two versions: one free and one paid. The free one works in the same way as the paid one, although it comes with some deactivated functions and certain limitations. If you want to access all those functions blocked by default, you will have to buy the application.

ProCam X (Pro HD Camera)