DocScanner Qt, transforms a mobile phone into a scanner!

DocScanner Qt is a new application developed by software house Norfello that transforms our Symbian smartphones in Touch portable scanners.

Scan text, or images of our interest, it’s simple: just take a picture and, thanks to special algorithms, the application will process it for correct perspective, the white noise and other parts of the image to produce a scan clear and detailed.

Selected then the part of our interest, we can save the image obtained in PDF or JPG format. It will be also possible to send it by email or uploading to Evernote .

The application is compatible with smartphones Symbian ^ 3 , and can be downloaded from this page Ovi Store for just 3 Euros .

For older smartphones (S60 5th and 3rd Edition), there is a similar version, which you can buy from here .


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