Do You Use DARK MODE On Your Android Phone?


I’m a lover of Dark Mode, however, I also miss colors on the smartphone system. Unfortunately, as much as I like the “lighter” version, my smartphone battery has a strong tendency towards the dark version.

This survey is important for us to know many of the paths to follow for the future design of 4gnews. Many of our readers beg for Dark Mode, but is this as relevant as it has seemed? Leave us with your opinion.

Dark Mode is coming to the operating system of our mobile phones. Be it an Android smartphone or an iPhone, many of them already give us the possibility to activate Dark Mode simply and quickly.

Therefore, we want to know your opinion. Do you use Dark Mode on your smartphone or was the feature more talked about than it should be?

Do you use Dark Mode on your smartphone?

By clicking on the image, you will be taken to the polling place. So, to choose your opinion, click on the image below and then you can go back to this page.

Not all smartphones have Dark Mode in the system

Unfortunately, older smartphones without software updates for the latest versions of the Android system still do not have the possibility of having Dark Mode on the system.

However, many of the applications allow such functionality. Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Google Contacts or even the Google Clock. So, if you don’t have Dark Mode on the system because the manufacturer is still lazy to install it, tell us in the poll if you use it on these Apps.

Advantages of Dark Mode in applications

  • Saves more battery on the smartphone
  • Does not hurt the eyes during night use
  • Different design than normal