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The best price of Xiaomi Mi 11 on Amazon

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Nowadays there are many top-of-the-range to get the glove but almost all of them are around 1000 euros, above or below. Xiaomi has always been a brand specialized in launching smartphones with an enviable value for money and it is something that we can now take advantage of with this Xiaomi Mi 11 lowered on Amazon.

Many may back down when they see the official price of the phone, of almost 750 euros, but we must admit that we are facing one of the best mobiles of the year. Now with a discount that almost touches 100 euros with the tips of our fingers, we are clear that it is one of the best options for those looking for a powerful phone, with a good battery, a camera that stands out and updated to Android 11.

Xiaomi Mi 11

The Amazon offer on the Xiaomi Mi 11 refers to the 8 + 128 GB model, the same one that costs 749 euros in almost all distributors in the country. However, there is a seller in the online store that lets us buy the smartphone well below this price, for 664.90 euros, as long as we do not care that it is the blue model.

This seller is Mi Global and applies a total discount of just over 80 euros on the phone, a terminal that now reaches its lowest price on the platform. The seller has almost 90% positive feedback on Amazon so there is nothing that makes us distrust. Also, in case you run into problems, remember that you are always covered by an Amazon warranty.

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A similar discount of 84 euros, we find in this model that we link below that has double the storage, reaching 256 GB: In this case, the seller is SyataDishmaya, another of the famous sellers that operate through Amazon. The offer on the Xiaomi Mi 11, on this occasion, is applied to the black model.

Remember that these prices can change at any time, so it doesn’t hurt that, before finalizing the purchase, you notice that the final figure is the one indicated in these lines.

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