disable Google Discover on Android

It takes a few simple steps to disable and hide Google Discover on Android. I’ll explain how to disable Google Discover on your smartphone

Disable Google Discover on Android

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In today’s guide, as you may have guessed, we are going to see how to disable and hide Google Discover on your smartphone.

I hate Google Discover

Personally, I hate Google Discover: it only offers me nonsense news, without interesting information, with clickbait titles that don’t even interest me.

I can’t figure out how this is possible, but, at least in my case, Google Discover is totally useless and downright annoying.

From what I read on the internet, however, it seems to me that there are many users who are not interested in the news proposed by Google Discover, so much so that I see various discussions and requests for help from people looking for a way to deactivate and hide Google Discover.

Here, if you are one of them too, I’ll explain how to do it below! Without getting lost in small talk, let’s start immediately with the guide.

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How to disable Google Discover on Android – EASY

Here is the procedure to perform to disable Google Discover on Android smartphones and tablets

  • Open the Google app
  • Click at the top right on your Google profile photo
  • Click on “Settings”
  • Select the “General” item
  • Go to the Discover item, which appears in the list, and disable the function using the cursor

That’s it: from now on you will no longer see Google Discover news on your Android smartphone or tablet.

Obviously, the procedure is reversible: it is always possible to reactivate Discover in the same way, simply reactivate the function from the appropriate menu.

Google Discover: what is it?

Are you a big sports fan? Google knows. Do you like to view cooking videos? Google knows this too. 

Thanks to artificial intelligence and particular algorithms, Google Discover is able to offer you the content of your interest in the news feed of your smartphone.

This is because Google Discover is nothing more than a function integrated into the Google app, the one that allows you to have the most important information on your display with a simple swipe, such as online newspaper articles, viral videos, or weather forecasts.

Now, thanks to Google Discover,  this news is getting more personalized.

How Google Discover works

There is no hidden magic behind this great opportunity. It is only the ability of Google, thanks to the implementations at the Artificial Intelligence level, to create a news flow based on the searches carried out over time, on the main topics viewed, and on the most visited sites, all central elements in data-driven marketing strategies. 

Google creates a tailor-made newsletter for us, and it’s hardly wrong.

Obviously, everything is reversible, if we want less content we can change the settings in order to refine Google’s proposal.

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