Delete Temporary iPhone Files Step by Step Guide

Delete Temporary iPhone Files Step by Step Guide

When you use an iPhone there is data that is stored in it. Some are visible and others that you cannot see. This is the reason why you see that the space of your device is becoming increasingly saturated, which you should pay attention to since it could stop.

These invisible files, are the ones that take up much more space is your team, so the storage capacity can generate problems and throw failures.

When this happens to you you should look for the right options so you can free your iPhone space and get the most out of it. But don’t forget to make a backup of your most important files first so you don’t lose them.

What applications leave temporary files on my Apple smartphone?

Which applications cache data on your iPhone or iPad device with iOS

Today, when using our iPhone we download any type of content or application, which they make these unnecessary files saved. Some of the applications that can cause us such problems are the following.

My Photos in “streaming”. This is an iCloud application, which is used to store the most recent photos in your gallery inside the cloud. The tool itself occupies a lot of space inside the terminal, which makes when it is required to make a backup of a heavy file, this causes inconvenience.

Some browsers save data from the pages that are consulted. But that’s not all, they also save cookies and history. Normally save it for a week, but in case you store it for longer, it will make the device slow.

The iPhone itself has very few options to be able to erase the caches automatically, which is why it is recommended that sometimes delete applications manually and reinstall them again.

Temporary files

Whats App. It is another application through which videos and photos are shared, with many of these files filling your memory, which is why there is an option to choose which multimedia content to download and which not.

Mail It is an email account application that is integrated into iOS devices. However, it stores and archives emails, as well as the attached data, so if you receive a large amount your device will be affected in terms of storage.

What are the benefits of deleting data from the virtual memory of the iPhone?

Although iPhone devices do not have an expandable memory like other types of devices, there are ways to expand its memory. This to be able to take full advantage of the capacity of this device and that it does not cause any kind of problem.

That is why keeping your phone clean from those files that remove memory helps you to:

  • Recover gigabytes of space.
  • Delete files that are not necessary.
  • Have more storage space.
  • Manage in a better way both the applications and the files found on your iPhone.
  • Have much faster on the device.
  • Avoid the malfunction of the device.
  • Do not store cookies, which cause the memory to be the full and slow operation of the device.
  • Have a better performance.

Steps to remove virtual memory from your iPhone easy and fast

Now that you know the reasons why it is important to delete temporary files regularly from your iPhone smartphone, let’s show you how to do it easily in the main applications that leave this type of data in your storage:

In browsers

Enter Safari and clear cache memory It is a good option for your iPhone, since as you use it, several cookies are accumulated, as well as data from the web pages you visit, so that the storage of your equipment is decreasing.

For that, you must open the “Settings” tab of the Safari application. Once in it, you must click and then click on the option that appears “Clear history and data from websites”, which when clicked must be confirmed.

However, to clear the cache generated by using Google Chrome, you must open the application and click on the 3 points on the top side of the screen. Once pressed, the option is chosen in the deployment menu «Settings», then “Privacy” Y «Clear browsing data». This will delete each of the data stored, whether passwords, images or forms.

delete Chrome navigation data


From iPhone

On the other hand, every time an application is used, data is accumulated, just as files that all they do is fill the memory of your computer. To eliminate this you must go to settings and give the general option.

Then you must select “iPhone storage” and observe each of the applications that are installed. Once viewed, on the right side, it will indicate the amount of space it occupies. If it is larger than 500 MB, it is recommended that it be removed and if necessary be installed again.

List of the best applications to clean your iOS from unnecessary files to improve its performance

We say goodbye leaving a list of the best applications you can install on iOS to get rid of junk files and deeply clean your terminal. The majority are free and powerful enough to meet Apple’s demands.

Cleaner Pro

Cleaner Pro

This is an application that serves to eliminate contacts that are double saved on your device, so using it gives us the advantage of obtaining much more storage space. You have to pay to use it, but it is an effective tool because Automatically find contacts that are saved twice on your phone.

It also helps to have a backup of all your contacts, so your phonebook will always be orderly and your device will not have unnecessary information.

It is a very common application, used to delete any file that is considered unnecessary and that causes our iPhone to become slow. It is used to be able to remove the contents of the caches, temporary files or unnecessary content from other apps.

It has many advanced functions that are useful applications, in addition to offering a backup of our files. Before executing it, it tells us what we want to save and whatnot. As files are opened, applications will be used, which makes the memory of our device that can take time to develop much slower

Mobile Doctor Pro

Mobile Doctor Pro

This application indicates the storage status of our iPhone, with the intention that we can take the necessary actions before we run out of memory space. Also, it provides the option of giving traffic statistics, as well as the life of our battery, the space in memory, and even performs a scan of visited networks.

Thanks to this application we can keep track of how much space and memory we have in our device, which avoids the lack of storage at the time you want to install any type of application.

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