How To deactivate the answering machine in Movistar

deactivate the answering machine in Movistar

Does your Movistar line have an active voicemail and do you want to disable it? This service has fallen into disuse over the years, something normal if you take into account how communications have evolved.

However, Movistar and almost all telemarketers still offer this feature and charge for it, although they give you the option of deactivating it. Do you want to learn how why not use it? We show you how to remove the voicemail in Movistar in a couple of steps.

How to deactivate the voicemail of your Movistar line through a call

As with other operators, deactivating the Movistar Mailbox is a simple process. There are several methods available, since it will depend on whether you have a single line, several, or if you want to do it online, but they are all easy to follow.


The first of them is the traditional one, which applies to any user of this operator. What should you do? Simply call 22500 from your mobile or landline and request the deactivation of the answering machine. The call to this number is free, so do not worry about additional charges in your billing.

The second method applies to multi-sim users only, but the same process. If this is your case, you just have to call 1004 to ask to be unsubscribed from the Movistar voicemail service and that’s it.

How to disable the answering machine (voicemail) through Mi Movistar

disable the answering machine

Another way to remove the voicemail from your Movistar line is through My Movistar, the administration panel that the company enables for you on its website. It is a process similar to deactivating the answering machine in Vodafone, so you will not find complications. This is what you should do:

  1. Go to the website of Movistar.
  2. Log in to My Movistar with your username and password.
  3. In the side menu on the right select “My products”.
  4. Look for the “Line management” section.
  5. Select your voicemail.
  6. Deactivate the mailbox for each type of situation and save the changes.

How to remove Movistar voicemail on iPhone

remove Movistar voicemail on iPhone

Although we are a website specialized in Android and the previous methods work perfectly in this operating system, we cannot fail to mention that iOS devices have an additional method to deactivate Movistar’s voicemail.

Customers who own an iPhone can manage their voicemail through Visual Voice Mail (VVM), an app that is already pre-installed on the system. From there you can see everything in your voicemail and listen to or delete all those pending messages that they left you at some point. And to deactivate the service? Just call 22570 toll-free and cancel VVM.

Deactivate the answering machine of your Movistar line and any other operator (universal method)

At this point in the article, you will surely have already deactivated the voicemail of your line. However, we think it is good to mention one last way that will help you with any operator in the world. It is the universal method to remove voicemail from your line, and the best part is that it is easy to follow, you just have to do this:

  1. Open the call app on your mobile.
  2. Dial ## 002 # with the numeric keypad.
  3. Press call.

It’s that simple you will have deactivated the voicemail of your mobile, and it applies to Vodafone, Movistar, Yoigo, Orange, MásMóvil, and any operatorAre there any details on this method? Yes, it also deactivates call forwarding, but it is not so serious if you do not use it.

Did you know this last method? Surely not, but it’s great.