DAZN Error 50-49-401

DAZN does not work: what to do if DAZN shows error 50-49-401? How to fix error 50-49-401, what it means, and what to do. DAZN does not work you do not see

What does error 50-49-401 on DAZN mean

Can’t see your favorite game on DAZN because error 50-49-401 appears?

Are you trying to stream DAZN, with your regular subscription, but you can’t see anything because there is an annoying error blocking DAZN?

In this article, I will help you to solve your problem and I will try to explain to you what to do to solve this annoying DAZN error.

Without getting lost in the chatter, let’s see what to do to try to solve the problem and allow DAZN to work again.


DAZN 50-49-401 error meaning

First of all, let’s try to understand why the 50-49-401 error appears on DAZN


Fortunately, in this case, it is a specific error, also explained on the DAZN website, which can be solved quickly and easily. And below we see how to do it.

Specifically, this error appears when the DAZN login email and password are entered incorrectly.

How to fix DAZN error 50-49-401

So what can be done to fix this and allow DAZN to work again?

Simple: just try to re-enter the email and password to access the DAZN portal. Nothing simpler, right?

If after entering the correct email and password the problem/error persists, you can try to follow these steps:

  1. Check your internet connection and make sure it works
  2. Try disconnecting some devices from the WiFi network (if you are connected to WiFi)
  3. Try updating the DAZN page
  4. Try logging in / out of DAZN
  5. Try using a different browser or device
  6. Try clearing the cache of the DAZN app or your device
  7. Restart the DAZN app or device

In theory, by following these steps, the problem should be resolved and DAZN should work again.

What to do if the problem still exists

If after following these instructions the problem persists, there is nothing else you can do but:

  • contact DAZN customer service
  • wait for the problem to be solved by DAZN because obviously, it is NOT a problem with your device or connection, but DAZN’s servers that are not working well

Unfortunately, there are currently no other viable solutions to fix DAZN error 50-49-401.

Do you know others? Were you able to solve the problem in any other way? Let us know in the comments at the end of the article!

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